Missing Eskasoni woman spotted in southern United States says family

A new lead has the family of a missing Mi’kmaw woman both anxious and hopeful.

Trina Roache
APTN National News
A new lead has the family of a missing Mi’kmaw woman both anxious and hopeful.

Chrisma Joy Denny, 23, was last seen in Cape Breton’s Eskasoni First Nation two months ago. No one has seen her since. But the family has learned from police that Denny was seen in the United States around September 19.

Her father, Keith Denny, told APTN that the police now know Chrisma crossed the border at Houlton, Maine. She came into contact with police in Alabama. In a phone call yesterday, Denny was told that a sheriff was trying to get her into a shelter. And that police had encouraged her to go home but she refused.

At that point, Chrisma Denny had only been gone for a week. She wasn’t reported missing until November 4 because she often took off on her own to nearby Sydney or other First Nation communities. As the weeks dragged on without word from her, family and friends became increasingly worried.

At this latest information, Keith Denny is still anxious and exhausted but says, “this is good news, we feel better now that there’s something concrete.”

The major crimes unit of the Cape Breton Police is working with the RCMP on this case. Though no one was unavailable for comment, Denny is hoping police will be able to keep track of her.

On the Facebook page, Help Find Chrisma Joy Denny, a post refers to sightings in Tennessee and Alabama. Chrisma hasn’t been seen since. Her photo and a missing persons poster is on the site and family and friends are asking everyone to “please share far and wide and to any US contacts you have.”

Keith Denny says he’s ready to fly to wherever Chrisma is found. He’s just waiting for the next phone call. He doesn’t know why she left or why she went to the US. He says she’s never gone that far before.

“But she’s a warrior woman,” said Denny. “Tough, you know? She can survive.”

Anyone with information can contact Cape Breton Regional Police at 902-563-5151, Eskasoni RCMP at 902-379-2822, or through CrimeStoppers.


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