Missing Barbara Kentner: ‘Mom, don’t leave me, please don’t leave me, you can’t leave me’

34 thoughts on “Missing Barbara Kentner: ‘Mom, don’t leave me, please don’t leave me, you can’t leave me’

  1. I’m very sorry for your loss, how tragic…to lose a beautiful sister.
    May your creator bless and heal your family.
    I’ll be sure to pray for you as you are in my thoughts and heavily on my heart.

  2. RIP Barbara, prayers, love and strength to your grieving family and friends. My heart goes out to your daughter, and your sisters. I hope they can find solace and peace.

  3. Sending prayers, this is sad to hear, my heart goes out to the family <3 May she rest in pease

  4. Prayers for peace and strength. Beautiful tribute to Your sister and niece. May you all heal with time. So very sorry for your loss. This never should have happened. The haters make it so ugly for those they attack physically, verbally and spiritually. This must stop now. Sending love and light to you all.

  5. Everyone seems to blame all 4 kids for the actions of one. Think about this. If you are out with friends at a restaurant and one gets up and goes to another table without saying anything to the others and punches a person in the face, should all at the table be blamed for that person’s actions when they weren’t told what he was thinking of doing in the first place?The other kids in the car did the right thing and told the truth. They didnt turn themselves in as they did nothing wrong to to call it “turning themselvea in”. We as humans have no control over another human just because we are with them. Blame the person that threw the hitch, not the kids that had no say in what he chose to do.

    1. Bob, you seem to be under the impression that the driver at least had no idea that his friend holding the rusty trailer hitch was intending to throw it at that woman, when he stepped on the accelerator, even when he yelled back “I got one”. You don’t believe in accessory to murder. It is probably harder to prove that the others knew or were in a position to stop the driver, although I’m sure they could have grabbed their own testicles and said they would turn him in to the police.

      There’s growing use – racist but justified — of the term “dindus” from “I dindu nuffin”. It is meant to be disrespectful. It’s meant to mock murderers and criminals (often race-based crimes) when they get caught and yell at the cops “I dindu nuffin” and the family yells at the cops and judge “he was a good boy, he dindu nuffin”. Usually the dindu comments come from Whites. Now I’m slightly surprised to see a bunch of online White people talking this “dindu” nonsense. HE DID. THEY DID. Actions like that come with a price. That’s how advanced Western society functions — even if we cannot fully redress all historical wrongs and cruelties, at least we ought to be able get it right today in the 21st Century AD. That includes a murder conviction.

  6. I am so sorry, rest in peace. This is a well written piece, I really got a sense of who Barbara was, thank you for telling her story.

  7. The parents of the boys should be doing something for the family. Paying for the funeral, making their boys apologize on their knees …. Dispicable sad for everyone involved. Thunder Bay is so dangerous for Native people, not safe.

  8. Yes ..A very sad ending to this woman who was a mother, sister, daughter..Such a senseless act of violence..And all because some young men were out to hurt someone just for laughs..And their hatred for another human being..Don’t worry God was watching this and he will intervene and bring justice to those who want to intentionally harm another person..R.I.P Lady and fly home with the angels…<3 No one will ever cause you hurt and pain again..

  9. I am so this has happened to a good woman. My deepest condolences to her daughter and family.

  10. I watched this story this morning it is so very sad that this has happen !! what kind of children are people raising to be so racist, it is very scary to be a first nation person living in Thunder Bay right now, I have never know it to be so bad.

    As a child my parents took us to Thunder Bay many times and I don’t remember it being this bad I hope that Justice will prevail in this case and I believe that everyone was responsible.

  11. What a senseless death, caused by hate. Hate doesn’t happen in isolation, it needs an atmosphere where it can flourish and, flourish it does in Thunder Bay. History reveals that when prejudice is left unchecked, encouraged or tolerated it becomes the norm, and what starts as slurs may quickly turn to violence. My intention is not to disparage a community, but to implore those who hear or see acts of prejudice to stand with the victim to offer their support, do not be silent. When enough people stand together they will silence those who propagate hate. I offer my sincere condolences to the family, and tell them that I am with them as are many whose voices you may not hear, know that we are here.

  12. My condolence to the family. What a horrible tragedy to suffer because of racism and hate. I can’t believe there are people out there that hate themselves so much they have to show off their hate. I hope they feel good about themselves and I hope their own family never has to go through a tragedy like the kentner family. I hope and pray Serena finds peace and strength in herself . I know this is a hard burden to carry on a child and no one deserves this harsh experience. I hope the law takes this seriously because a slap on the wrist is an encouragement to continue the racism. In our eyes this is considered murder!!!!!it’s obvious their intention was to ” kill an indian”. Barb was a mother , a person just like all of us. She was a living soul. The creators creation. Yet someone that doesn’t understand life played God and took it upon their own hands to destroy a living being. I hope they punish and pay for what they have done. I been following this story and it’s so sad. I don’t know the family but I feel for them. Rest in peace Barbara​.

  13. Sad. Racism hurts us all: it is learned behaviour passed down from father to son. Racism doesn’t exist if it isn’t taught by elders to youngers. Elders can stop this awful practice and not teach their young people: Jesus teaches us to love everyone. Killing innocent people is not loving them. Like I said racism hurts especially if the guy who threw the trailer hitch goes to jail. No body wins.

    1. Your comments are self-serving, entitled and gross. Another white supremacist trying to defend the actions of a fellow foul racist. Wouldn’t surprise me if you’re somehow connected to the murderer Brayden Bushby or his acomplices: Jordan Crupi, Kassidy Hartley or Nathan Antonisyz. Go preach to them about Jesus, you sick f*&^k.

    2. No, John, if the guy who committed murder goes to prison, that is called “justice” and “personal responsibility for one’s actions”, even if personal responsibility is imposed on the coward by force of Law. That’s how it’s supposed to work. Basic.
      In Biblical days, he would be formally executed. Some Christian fundamentalists believe that the only God-approved form of resolving this is a swift death penalty, Torah Law.
      Since we live in less barbaric “liberal” times, the government prescribes a prison sentence. I suppose the idea is paying for a death by losing a portion of your life, as moral restitution, hopefully rehabilitation and reform.

  14. The white mans legacy of hate and cruelty know no bounds. Everywhere he goes there is death and destruction.

    1. I’m white and I don’t hate anyone or treat anyone cruelly. It’s a shame but by your comment, it shows racism toward all whites. Sad and uneducated.

      1. First of all Joe, a minority can not be racist, only discriminatory. Second, I don’t think you have a firm grasp of the situation. This is not your time to say how you feel about First Nations people’s comments. This is not about you, and if you don’t realize that, then you are part of the problem.

        If you really want to help, be an ally to First Nations people. The first step in this process is getting an education about Canada’s history and treatment of First Nations people. After that, maybe you can take some time to put yourself in another person’s mocassins.

        I’m hoping that you will make changes in your everyday life, that will reflect your newfound knowledge.

        I suggest you start by researching the Truth and Reconciliation Committee findings, and reading individual testimonials of First Nations people.

        I am White and First Nations, but I look white, so I know walking around I am privileged because of the way our society treats, white people. When I go out with my relatives, it’s a totally different ball game. I see how they are treated by some people. That’s the part you don’t get. If you are white, and a male, you have white privilege, you should look that term up as well.

      2. I don’t believe in that theory that only White people or a majority can be racist. It’s a bogus redefinition of racism.
        On the other hand, you are what is generally termed an a-hole without basic manners or respect. You were OK when you started saying you’re white and you don’t hate anyone or act cruel.
        Lecturing people grieving a racist murder — terror attack, really — for being “uneducated” “racist” and “sad” people. We can be “insensitive” at times, but I don’t grasp how you FAIL to understand how ridiculously insensitive was the rest of your comment — more taunting — not only for First Peoples, not only for this incident, just for NORMAL human relations and NORMAL respect and self-respect – so that’s YOUR form of cruelty.

        Imagine if strangers showed up at the funeral of your loved ones to lecture you about their politics or shortcomings. (I don’t comment the same way if a thug got killed while committing violence. This was obviously not that.)
        Imagine if you joined Westboro Baptist to picket soldiers funerals, with signs that more dead soldiers is good because they believe America is Sodom & Gomorrah. It’s all just grotesque.

  15. Why are people so cruel? Every human being has a right to live only the Creator decides when we leave this world. My heart truly aches for this family. My condolences to them all.

  16. It is soo sad, I hope they bring all four to justice. Racism is Real, Anishnabek are not like that, why is this happening to us? It’s everywhere, grocery stores, etc…. It has to STOP!!! One of Our Teachings Is to Live in A Humble Way, It Is Our Way Of Life!!! Miigwetch/ Thank You!!

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