Minister Bennett reviewing complaints made against ‘corrupt’ band council in British Columbia

Investigative Reporter

Kenneth Jackson is an investigative reporter in Ottawa, Ont. with more than two decades in the business. He got his start in community newspapers before joining the Ottawa Sun in 2007 where he worked the police beat. In 2011, Jackson joined APTN to break the Bruce Carson scandal. The former senior aide to Prime Minister Stephen Harper tried using his contacts in the federal government to sign water deals with First Nations. The RCMP would charge Carson with influence peddling based on APTN’s reporting. The case would make it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, which upheld his conviction in 2018. In recent years, Jackson has focused, almost exclusively, on the child welfare system in Ontario. The work has earned multiple awards, including the 2020 Michener Award.

3 thoughts on “Minister Bennett reviewing complaints made against ‘corrupt’ band council in British Columbia

  1. I’m hoping justice will free our people from displacement, meanwhile they should inherit their rightful place in the Peters Band and the rights of all

  2. We will not stop fighting this battle to make things right. These family members have bullied there way to power and filled there pockets. It is sickening that family will do this to family. All my Relations

  3. Here we go all these Corrupt people who just Manage the Poor. It’s in every Reserve and we just keep shutting down our Band Office and Kick the Corruption to the Curb. I hope they change things so that these thieves get caught and l hope sent to Jail!!!!

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