Mi’kmaq in Nova Scotia split with leadership over Edward Cornwallis statue and Saturday’s ceremony


10 thoughts on “Mi’kmaq in Nova Scotia split with leadership over Edward Cornwallis statue and Saturday’s ceremony

  1. As a settler I believe I have a responsibility to support the Chiefs of Nova Scotia in their measured response to the municipality removing the Cornwallis statue ” in good faith and out of respect for Mi’kmaq concerns.” The Chiefs emphasize their concern for the safety of all people during this process. They say that “when we work together we can go further”. Chi migwetch.

  2. For true reconciliation all sides should apologise for the horrific things that were done in the past, I find it interesting not 1 First nation band has apologised for what they did. The French offered bounties for British scalps at the same time Cornwallis did, First nations were heavily involved in slavery , the land the Oka crisis was fought over was stolen from the Wyandot people by the Mohawk, these are facts no one wants to talk about. The residential schools were horrific no question about that and history should never forget that, but lets also talk about the scandal of bands getting millions in government money yet some band members don`t have clean drinking water and they`re blaming the government. Just like in wars both sides do bad things but as always the first casualty in war is the truth.

    1. I agree Bails, …….. all this happened so long ago, history is full of mistakes, and wonders. Good and Bad, that’s how we learn. It will also teach our children’s children long after we go!!!!!!

  3. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that I agrees with the Mi’Kmaq in taking down the reactionary, racist statue of George Cornwallis.That statue is an insult to all Native People in Canada and should be removed.
    In South Africa students there took down a statue of Cecil Rhodes about a year ago.He was a reactionary,racist person like George Cornwallis.It is time for the statue of Cornwallis to come down to.If the Gov’t don’t take it down the people should.In Vancouver streets and schools named after William Gladstone should have their names changed. William Gladstone was prime minister of England during the 1860s. He supported Slavery in the southern USA at the time.Gladstone also treated the Irish people like slaves during his period as Prime Minister.

  4. I pray that there can be reconciliation, I wish that there could be an overhaul of the entire construct of “Canada” and that there could be a new council, where equality could be a reality. Of course the colonizers will not surrender, but to give up some power to reconcile and give indigenous people at least half of the power and have a real council. Where people will be represented fairly, not just the few who have money, not just those with pale skin but all people. By continuing under the umbrella of “Canada” without reclaiming, only serves to further this agenda of colonial ideology. How can we stop the destruction of the land, if the power to do so resides with a system that is based on a conquering mentality that sees land only as a resource to be capitalized on, and will not take swift action because it operates with a heart of greed?

  5. “The name was also removed from a river in Nova Scotia by the province.”

    Not quite; only the *signs* at the bridge near Annapolis Valley First Nation were removed, in 2015, at the request of elder Daniel Paul. Applying the original, historic, Mi’kmaw name — Jijuktu’kwejk — has not yet happened.

    1. I’m white and even have some empire loyalist in my family tree. These places should return to their original names they probably mean something about the place. Not named after some cherper. The last thing Canada needs especially in the military or police is our own version of idiot confederates like the proud boys. These guys want to glamorize the colony and the monarchy but their peers must feel discraced. Plus the storied history of indigenous men in service. Back in the day these “proud boys”would have signed up for the “Kentucky professional Indian killers”

  6. I feel our people will be hurt again by this
    Miserable person from his grave. People
    Will be hurt because of the racism in this city. But I think all the people of Halifax
    Should go on line and see what this animal, no I won’t call him a man. To kill
    Weman and children and the Mi’kmaq men.until you the people of Halifax make
    It right and clean the blood off your hands
    Put there by CORNWALLIS. And remove this Symbol of hatered.called a monument to CORNWALLIS.

  7. We don’t honour genocidal work, we study the history and hope to learn better. Put that homage to atrocities in a museum for that purpose. It does not belong in a place of honour or celebration. Venerate the fallen and the survivors in its current public place.

    1. The Mi’kMaq have perpetuated atrocities and scalping but you fail to address this in anything you say. Why can you not have a forgiveness ceremony.This will only start a war that ended over 250 years ago. Who will speak for the souls of the men, women and children slaughtered and scalped by your people in Dartmouth on May 13, 1751. Tearing down is a very poor way to reflect on reconciliation and your culture. If there is nothing but hate in your hearts so be it but don’t justify it by tearing down.

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