Mi’kmaq band asks for emergency order to protect at-risk salmon from natural gas project

The DFO was asked by the Sipekne’katik First Nation to issue the order, but there’s no word on when a decision will be made

Trina Roache
APTN National News
For the first time, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is looking at an emergency order to protect an aquatic species at risk.

A Mi’kmaq band in Nova Scotia filed the petition for that order.

It’s the latest effort in a long battle to stop a project to store natural gas.


CORRECTION: In this story, APTN said that nine billion litres of brine would go into the river each day if the Alton Gas project is approved. In fact, Alton Gas estimates it is the lower amount of about 10,000 cubic metres per day. We apologize for the error.

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