Metis Nation in NWT asking for millions in compensation from Ottawa

Members of the Northwest Territories Metis Nation are demanding that Ottawa put $120-million in a trust fund to compensate them for lost hunting revenue.

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3 thoughts on “Metis Nation in NWT asking for millions in compensation from Ottawa

  1. First of all, the gold and silver would still be in the ground. Indigenous people didn’t have the money or the knowledge to benefit from it. Second of all, Indigenous people do get a portion of what is taken from the land (Attawapiskat – DeBeers). Thirdly, inflation was never considered in the treaties your chiefs signed. There was no such thing. We are not responsible for what goes on on your reserves. YOU are. We would be kicked off the reserve if we even tried to help.

    1. Moose hunter..
      Asking for Compensation $$ for what??

      There is a major detriment made by the Ferderal to reinstate such half-breeds. Incidentally , their other half is over-seas and only half exist on this turtle Island (First Nations Land). Louie Reil was a traitor and treasonous. He used the First Nations and took up arms. I’m sorry but this is the fact. First Nations should be the ones asking for $$. Please check your blood quantum.

  2. And what about compensating the status first nations return all the land and resources and gold and silver the pope and queen british french Spanish had stolen well as back pay for the non adjusted inflation for the bag of seeds hoe sack of flour gun bullets and complete medicine chest not fully fulfilled and or inflation adjusted for the lame treaty 5$ that we all line up for hours for.?ya ehh what about that we dont just want $ thats not what real first original nations are about make the colonial reserves bloody booze and drug free and gang free then if all first nations all want to return to the cultural now the concept of $ ruined things globally and historically the doctrine of discovery and manifest destiny canada is full of bad history as is the united states .

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