Metis Film maker Dan Foreman enjoying the creative life

Dan Foreman is busy these days.

His creation, Legendary Myths Raven Adventures is a hit with audiences and critics.

Two episodes won best animation at the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco.

“We were very fortunate we won best animation. Which is a big thing,” he said. “It actually triggers Telefilm here and it puts us in the fast track for the talent to watch program which means we get automatic funding to make our feature film.”

The first season of the series tells Indigenous stories passed down from the Pacific Northwest.

It features a raven, a trickster with the power to change the world.

His latest creation is a feature film called The Horned Serpent.

This is a darker story that he hopes to have released by Christmas of 2020.

“What the Horned Serpent is about is a young boy who is raised by his Grandmother and his Sister,” he said. “His sister is leading a very dark life. She’s on the black

path, and she ends up being abducted by a serial killer who is hunting Aboriginal women. Her brother has to rescue her and he becomes a man in the process.”

Foreman said he’s hoping to find money for a second season of Legendary Myths. He said that the first season is now becoming a teaching tool.

“Teachers are finding the first season of Legendary Myths Raven Adventures. They are finding it on their own and bringing it into their curriculum and teaching out of it.

“Which is really cool.”

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