Clément Chartier stepping aside as MNC president

Clem Chartier says he is moving on to other duties.

Metis National Council President Clement Chartier says he will retire once he's replaced but not election is scheduled. APTN file photo

(Clem Chartier (left) has served as president of the national Métis organization for 16 years. APTN file photo)

In a major shake-up, the head of the Métis National Council (MNC) has announced he is stepping aside.

In a letter to members, obtained by APTN News, Clément Chartier says he is moving on to other duties and won’t stand for re-election as president in 2020.

“I believe that during my 16 years as MNC president, the Métis Nation has made major strides,” Chartier said in the letter.

“I am confident that the tremendous progress we have made with Canada will continue under new leadership.”

Chartier said he will concentrate on new land rights action in Saskatchewan that will challenge the scrip system in federal court. And work on “a number of international issues” impacting the Métis Nation.

Chartier said David Chartrand, president of the Manitoba Métis Federation, will succeed him until the 2020 election for new national president.



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