Meet the Bear Clan man who jumped into Winnipeg river to save woman

Brittany Hobson
APTN National News
On a cold night in December, a member of the Bear Clan Patrol got a call about a woman in distress.

She was in the water and not moving.

What happened next has some people calling the man a hero.

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Brittany joined the APTN news team in October 2016. She is Ojibway and a member of the Long Plain First Nation in Manitoba. Before coming to APTN, she graduated with a joint degree in communications from the University of Winnipeg and Red River College.

5 thoughts on “Meet the Bear Clan man who jumped into Winnipeg river to save woman

  1. He was my teacher at U of M not at all surprised by this that is the kind of man he is. A truly wonderful man and hero to many people in this city!! Mitch you are a truly wonderful amazing man!!! Good job!!!

  2. The Bear Clan is absolutely amazing. Thank you wonderful people! The world needs more Bear Clan ♡.

  3. What a wonderful man, one of the greatest human beings for sure! I hope these young people that are thinking that life is not working for them take heed with the very wise words of Mitch Bourbonniere (sp)

  4. Love this man. He is MJ d gentle and this is so like him to not even think twice to jump in and help her.

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