Marijuana shop on Tyendinaga territory continues to grow

Tom Fennario
APTN National News
It may not be a sacred plant like tobacco, but marijuana may become just as profitable for many First Nations.

With the federal government set to legalize pot in the spring of 2018, the race is on to regulate the industry in one Ontario Mohawk community.

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6 thoughts on “Marijuana shop on Tyendinaga territory continues to grow

  1. These shops care about the “medicinal needs” of their clients about as much as McDonald’s cares about their clients chances of developing diabetes.

    1. To Bothered to put it mildly you are full of craaaaaaap You know nothing of some of the compassion clubs that have done so much great work to really help sick and dying people.

  2. Best and most trustworthy establishment in my opinion. Staff are knowledgeable and very cool.

  3. Great work. The government does not seem to be in any hurry to regulate and dispense. This is a program that we need badly for people who suffer from chronic pain. Narcotics are not easy to get because of the fentanyl epidemic so I believe the Medical Marijuana is our only other recourse. Thanks for giving us chronic pain sufferers another choice.

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