Manitoba youth running to Ottawa for chiefs AGA

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A group of youth from northern Manitoba are making their way to Ottawa with a message for the federal government.
The sacred journey run is being led by an elder who has made big news in the past.
And as Shaneen Robinson reports, he’s hoping to make an impact again.
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2 thoughts on “Manitoba youth running to Ottawa for chiefs AGA

  1. Someone really should check the self-proclaimed “Grand Elder’s” credentials. (Is there even such a thing as a “Grand Elder”? REAL Elders have told me there is
    not!) He owes many vulnerable women (mostly lonely, single, white) that he “met” online and has wooed and ceremoniously dumped (with the ensuing acrimony) over the past 2 years, a great deal of money that he took off them with psychopathic persuasion and “charm”, petitions of poverty and through subtle coercion. He is NOT who and what he purports to be, and while he may spout off about the 7 Sacred Laws, he personally breaks them repeatedly and with impunity.

    He’s been “on the run” for months. I personally would NOT entrust ANY youth (especially females!) in his care or so-called mentorship. One day, someone is going to properly and definitively “call him out” (APTN~! Where are your investigative reporters~!?) on all of Elder Robinson’s fraudulent activities over recent years, in pursuit of personal gain, which are meant solely to pad his wallet and feed his massive ego and put him in the national spotlight for his 15 minutes of fame. Don’t believe me? Start making some inquiries. Grand Elder!? GRAND THEFT, you mean! Ask the dozens of people who have been burned
    by him! Except they’re in hiding too, too ashamed to admit that they’ve been “taken” by this charlatan! One day the TRUTH about the so-called Grand Elder Raymond Rackman Robinson will come out, to the surprise and shock of many, I’m sure, and he will held up as a lesson to all on the inherent evil of exploiting your own people and culture and centuries-old rules-to-live-by for the sake of vanity, ego, financial and personal gain. SHAME ON HIM!

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