Manito Ahbee festival in Winnipeg launches 14th season

This week marks the return of the annual Manito Ahbee Festival in Winnipeg.

The event aims to unite nations from Canada and around the world to celebrate the best of Indigenous culture, music, and arts.

The festival kicked off with a grand entry and the lighting of the sacred fire, which burns throughout the five day event.

(Grand Entry – David Dandeneau and Eagle Staff Carrier Brent Thompson. Photo: Ashley Brandson/APTN)

“It shows the positive aspects of Indigenous culture,” says David Dandeneau, Chair of the Board of Governors for Manito Ahbee.

“We see too much negative aspects in the media and I think it’s important that the general population know that’s only a small part of what we see.”

Dandeneau says he’s excited to take part in all the events, but one of the highlights of the festival is hearing the different types of music at the Indigenous Music Awards.

“According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s probably the most important music award show in North America.  I think we can be proud of that.”

Along with the Indigenous awards, Manito Ahbee will host a square dance exhibition, a jigging competition, and an Indigenous art expo.

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  1. Hello. Will the Indeginous Music Awards be televised live on APTN?

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