Man convicted of murder in Whitehorse tells APTN reporter he's innocent

By Shirley McLean
APTN National News
Whitehorse – A day after being convicted for first-degree murder Norman Larue called APTN from the Whitehorse Correctional Centre.

Larue said he’s innocent in the death of Gordon Seybold.

“I’ve maintained my innocence since the day this began,” said Larue last week.

Seybold’s body was found in a burnt cabin in a rural subdivision outside of Whitehorse in March 2008.

Just down the road police found two guns and a bloody baseball bat.

Larue and his then girlfriend Christina Asp were arrested in Alberta in 2009 following an 18-month undercover police operation.

Both Asp and Larue admitted on tape they were involved in a Seybold’s murder in a Mr. Big operation where police pretend to be criminals to get a confession.

Larue told the jury he lied to the undercover cops to protect Asp from getting deep into the pretend gang.

“I know there was certain things that came out in my trial I said to the undercovers and I stated on the stand that it was a lie and I will maintain that until I’m dead and buried in the ground,” he said, adding he lied to protect Asp out of love.

That love couldn’t stop Asp from being convicted of second-degree murder last fall. She was sentenced to 15 years.

Asp didn’t feel the same way for Larue and pinned the murder on him.

“I knew from the beginning I was being railroaded and being treated unfairly and I stated that I wouldn’t be getting a fair trail,” he said.

Asp refused to testify at Larue’s trial and is now facing contempt of court charges. Larue’s lawyer didn’t get a chance to cross-examine Asp. They feel there is ground for an appeal.

“Both my client and myself were shocked by the verdict because I for one made an application to the judge that first degree murder should be off the table because the evidence was scant,” said Larue’s lawyer Ray Dieno.

Larue, originally from Kamloops, B.C. has a history of violence.

Ten years ago he was declared a dangerous offender for raping a woman and slashing her throat.

Larue said he’ll he keep fighting.

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