Long-time senator resigns citing issues at FSIN

FSIN did not respond to APTN’s request for comment.

A senator with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations in Saskatchewan has resigned, citing a number of issues.

Roland Crowe announced his resignation Friday after 30 years with the organization that represents 74 First Nations.

Among the complaints he listed in a news release, Crowe alleged female staff members were treated with “disrespect,” and FSIN was failing to protect traditional lands.

Crowe also said executive salaries were being paid from gaming profits.

“Those monies were supposed to be left for our communities, both on and off reserve, not to subsidize or to have salaries come out of there,” Crowe said. “Our people and our communities need that money more than the elite of the elite.”

Did not respond

FSIN did not respond to APTN’s request for comment.

Bobby Cameron was elected to his third term as FSIN chief last October.

Crowe also criticized an agreement he said FSIN made with the government of Saskatchewan that allowed game wardens to enter reserves.

“Allowing game wardens to come onto our reserves, into our homes and search fridges and deep freezes for wild game meat. That is absolutely beyond comprehension,” he said in an interview.