London RCMP officer charged with tipping off drug dealers for cocaine: sources

By Kenneth Jackson
APTN National News
A London RCMP sergeant resigned on the spot after being confronted early last month by his superiors for allegedly tipping off drug dealers of police investigations in exchange for cocaine, APTN National News has learned.

John Kowalczyk, 59, head of the RCMP’s proceeds of crime unit based in London, was charged April 4 with one count each of breach of trust and obstruction of justice after a 10-month investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police.

The investigation began when one of Kowalczyk’s informants allegedly flipped and agreed to wear a wire for the OPP to capture the officer allegedly incriminating himself.

Kowalczyk is scheduled to appear in court May 9. None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Police allege Kowalczyk, who was a Mountie for nearly 40 years, was tipping off targets of police investigations, as well as warning drug dealers of upcoming raids. In return police allege Kowalczyk would receive quantities of cocaine.

One of the outfits he’s alleged to have warned was members of the Hells Angels biker gang according to a source.

Kowalczyk is said to have spent more than 20 years in the drug unit for the RCMP before moving to proceeds of crime.

On the day he was charged Kowalczyk appeared in a Sun Media news story about seizing proceeds of crime from criminals.

“We’ll seize anything that we don’t have to feed. You don’t want to feed it, you don’t want to water it,” Kowalczyk said. “The best way to destroy a criminal organization is to successfully seize a lot of their assets.”

It was a coincidence he was charged that day.

Only five people knew of the investigation into Kowalczyk, including Supt. Jamie Jagoe, the RCMP’s south west district commander.

Jagoe offered Kowalczyk to sign his resignation. He did.

Three members of the OPP were in on the investigation, as well as another member of the RCMP.

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