Liberals, NDP, Greens say they’ll take action to stop violence against Indigenous women, Conservatives and PPC silent

Friends, family and loved ones of missing or murdered Indigenous women and girls gathered at vigils across the country to honour them.

In Ottawa, the families met at the eternal flame on Parliament Hill.

They brought photos, and placards, calling for action.

The event comes four months after the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls released its final report.

Laurie Odjick’s daughter Maisy, went missing 11 years ago.

She says families need supports now.

“We need to have outreach for families when something tragic like that happens,” said Odjick.

“It doesn’t cost that much money to train someone for the frontline workers to know the process, families have to go through.”

Veldon Coburn has been coming to the vigils since the death of his daughter’s biological mother, Annie Pootoogook.

The Inuk artist’s body was discovered in an Ottawa river in Sept. 2016.

The police said her death was suspicious but no one has been arrested in connection to her death.

Coburn said the implementation of the national inquiry’s call for justice is an issue he’ll consider when casting his ballot in the federal election.

“There won’t be any reconciliation with that,” he said. “You can’t go around to photo op while genocide continues to carry out unabated without any substantive response to it.”

APTN News asked each of the federal parties what they’re promising in terms of implementing the inquiry’s calls for justice.

The NDP and the Green parties promise to implement the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as well as the recommendations from the national inquiry.

There was no response from the Conservative Party or the Peoples Party of Canada.

The Liberals say they’re committed to the inquiry’s call for justice and that a national action plan is currently underway.

Elder Claudette Commanda said she’s been coming to events like this for about 20 years.

She said the next Prime Minister needs to take action.

“They have to implement the recommendations from the inquiry report first and foremost, and that has to be a priority period, our women can no longer go missing and murdered, neither can our men or our boys, this is Canadas responsibility to ending this, period.”

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