Land protectors not letting their guard down over mining on sacred site

Mi’kmaq warriors are vowing to keep an eye on the Nova Scotia mining association’s attempt to access minerals on the sacred Kluscap mountain.

The head of Nova Scotia’s mining association says he’s only trying to get a conversation started about mineral extraction in the province.

Sean Kirby is lobbying to get mining on Kluscap mountain – a sacred site for Mi’kmaq people in the province.

And while the province says it has no intention of opening up the sacred Mi’kmaq area, land defenders say they’re not letting their guard down.

Executive Producer / Ottawa

Justin Brake has French, Irish, British and Mi'kmaq roots and hails from Ktaqamkuk, Mi'kma'ki, or Newfoundland. He joined APTN News in 2017 and works from the Ottawa bureau as the executive producer for the eastern region.