Labrador judge sends another Inuk grandmother to St. John’s jail

Another Inuk grandmother sentenced to time in St. John’s jail for men.

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For the second time in as many months, a judge in Goose Bay, Labrador has sent another Inuk grandmother 1,500 km south to a men’s jail in St. John’s.

Justice George Murphy sentenced Marjorie Flowers to jail for failing to sign an undertaking that would prevent her from protesting near the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project.

Flowers was part of a group that occupied the offices of Nalcor, the provincial agency responsible for managing the multi-billion dollar dam that is also billions of dollars over-budget.

Water protectors say flooding for the dam will poison the waters downstream.

Watch a video of the Water Protectors here: Marjorie Flowers

In May, Inuk grandmother Beatrice Hunter spent eleven days in jail for also refusing to sign a judge’s order to stay away from the site.

She was released without having to agree to stay away from the site.

Also on Friday, two Inuit elders, Jim Learning and Elred Davis, were both taken into custody after refusing to sign an undertaking to stay one kilometre away from Muskrat Falls.

“I think what you’re going to find, is you’re going to see some people refuse to sign the undertaking,” said Denise Cole, a land protector who has fought the project for years.

37 people face criminal charges, including mischief and disobeying a court order.

50 people are facing civil charges for breaching the court injunction obtained by Nalcor Energy.

They’re going to force the court to have to deal with them” said Cole. “There’s no more fear, we have nothing left to lose.”

Flowers, Davis and Learning will be back in court July 31.

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  1. is
    some way to charge the judge with the violations he is imposing on the people?
    get after Justin to get rid of this racist judge

  2. That Judge is violating their Treaty Rights; as they are enshrined into the Canadian Constitution. Seems like that should be a focus in forcing their hand through their court system,

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