Kehewin Cree Nation band member concerned new election code will create ‘career politicians’

Members of Kehewin Cree Nation in Alberta are getting ready to vote on proposed changes to the community’s election laws.

According to one community member, the main concern is an amendment that, if passed, will allow chief and councillors to run in as many consecutive terms as they want.

“One of the reasons the new election law was created in 2017 was because we wanted to avoid career politicians,” said Tyler Youngchief, “that’s why we instituted a two term limit. Currently, our chief and four other councillors have served their second. So they are well aware of the requirements.

“To open up the idea of changing that with three months left on their term, to me that’s a manipulation of the way the system is supposed to be set up.”

Another change that will be voted on is whether a band member can be hired as the electoral officer.

People have had two weeks to review the amendments.

The chief, Trevor John and councillors weren’t available for an interview when APTN News was in the community. We were told they were in meetings outside the community.

The next election is in September.

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