Jingle Dress dancers call for global healing action June 20 to 21

Collective days of prayer organized until pandemic ends

jingle dress

A group called Midewikweg Nimikaagewag say weeks of organization went into a call for Jingle Dress dancers to unite in prayer.

Organizer Amy Desjarlais says Midewikweg Nimikaagewag essentially means, Medicine Women who dance for healing.

According to the Midewikweg Nimikaagewag website, Jenny Blackbird, Robin Rice, Jennifer Murrin and Nichole Leveck are dancing in response to this call.

“Basically, we are giving thanks to the first Jingle Dress that came during the previous pandemic and all the healing that has brought to our communities. But we are also giving thanks to all front line workers,” Desjarlais said from her home in Toronto.

“We are giving remembrance to the ones that have passed and we are giving support to those ones that are grieving right now and having a hard time.”

jingle dress
Nichole Leveck. Photo courtesy: Red Works Photography

The first of monthly calls to unity in prayer starts at midnight on June 20 and will end at midnight June 21.

The group plans to extend the call until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

More information can be found at Sound Healing Prayer.

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