Jean Chrétien, St. Anne’s and the ‘straight highway’ to Attawapiskat’s suicide crisis

While Indian affairs minister Jean Chrétien received a letter urging his department to step in at St. Anne’s Indian residential school where Attawapiskat children attended

3 thoughts on “Jean Chrétien, St. Anne’s and the ‘straight highway’ to Attawapiskat’s suicide crisis

  1. As a generally Liberal supporter, this shocks me.. not because I doubt it is NOT true, but am disappointed by the fact such a high ranking Liberal seems to have been at the heart of abuse issue and had done nothing. I have railed against harper blatant abuse of aboriginal people, but facts are facts, and regardless, Mr Chretian needs to be held accountable. I urge Justin Trudeau to hold an inquiry, hold Mr Chretian to account for his actions, because at this point, I don’t give a shit about party loyalty, too many people have been hurt… if Justin is not willing to hold people to account, in another election I am sure a conservative government surely will!

    1. A conservative government will never hold anyone to account when it comes to the treelatment of our people. Neither will a Liberal government if history is any indication of what to expect. Every Prime Minister in Canada, including both Trudeau ‘s and every Conservative is culpable, guilty of perpetuating this genocide.

  2. Truth has many faces. Seems people in power have a deferential tendency to be believed before those with little or no power. We know the judicial institutions struggle to be just. Does “lady justice ‘s blindfold” cover her ears & nose so she can not hear or even smell the rats in the room??

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