‘It’s normalized’ People in Thunder Bay talk about racism

Willow Fiddler
APTN National News
You may remember Barbara Kentner, the Thunder Bay woman who was badly injured when a man threw a trailer hitch at her from a moving car.

People say that racism is a big problem in the city.

One that they face all the time.

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Video Journalist / Thunder Bay

Willow is an Oji-Cree Anishinabe from Sandy Lake First Nation. Her background is in print journalism and she studied multimedia before entering broadcast news . She is passionate about the stories of the Anishinabe in northwestern Ontario, particularly in the remote north.

4 thoughts on “‘It’s normalized’ People in Thunder Bay talk about racism

  1. Here is a case where the wider population of the Canada passively dismisses this issue of overt racism being practiced against a high number of individuals within the city of Thunder Bay, on an ongoing basis, over a period of years. In the media, there have been many reports of this social disease in that city. Recently there have been a number of deaths that each require a Coroner’s Inquest to be performed. This has not been initiated by the Governmental Authorities in that Region of Canada. Questionable Police actions have left those who suffer from this racism to feel helpless, with nowhere to turn for help. With The Coroner’s Service refusing to perform the necessaryCoroner’s Inquest, these people feel that they have no avenue to Justice here in Canada. What are the options available to these People who seek Canadian Justice?

  2. Maybe there should be a list of racist people companies businesses that should be made public I don’t see why not and who would it hurt?
    Exposure would go a long way through Internet posters public bill boards the more word gets out the better and encourage people to come forward

  3. I’m glad that APTN and this reporter are covering the virulent racism among white people in Thunder Bay. Anti-Indigenous racism is the bread and butter of white supremacist, settler colonialism and it and they need to be exposed for what they are. We Indigenous peoples need to start calling these monsters out for what they are. That’s who you stop normalizing it. Also, name them and shame them: the white man that viciously attacked an Indigenous woman walking, his name is BRAYDEN BUSHBY. He is WHITE, he is a RACIST and he is a sociopath, a monster. Stop, please stop, trying to tap dance around white supremacists and protect them… by not naming them and pointing out who and what they are, you are protecting and sustaining white supremacy. You are normalizing it. So remember to name it and shame it. Shame THEM for the monsters they are.

  4. So good to see these lady’s take a stand ,and draw their line of enough is enough. This is their home where they raise their children too. They will make our community better. We white people must stand up against systemic every where every bloody day racism. I know that every where I go and every where I have worked I have heard racism spoken like it is okay and justified. This is an important moment it’s video. Thank you. They are telling the straight up truth ,the facts.

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