It’s another ‘Pickton’: Police digging up farm in British Columbia

RCMP digging up another farm for human remains in British Columbia sending chills through the ranks of Canada’s MMWIG.

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92 thoughts on “It’s another ‘Pickton’: Police digging up farm in British Columbia

  1. It is starting to get scarey out there for women..It doesn’t matter if they are working on the streets or even out enjoying their evenings outdoors at a lounge or bar..No one deserves what these poor women went thru..Us women have to start looking at the fact it is not safe out there anymore and have to start being aware of our surroundings and trust no one..Its very sad that it comes to this but it is what it is..Be safe everyone..


  3. Of course it is awfully sad news.
    Also, how many millions of people have been used, abused, or killed by the Catholic church (mystery Babylon) leaders/Jesuits/Freemasons/Illuminati, or their ilk, and the de facto governments they create for war and profit (earth’s misery is a business model), through the centuries and are never brought to justice?
    Good thing God has the end of sin and the final judgement day just around the corner.

  4. Look at the recent Quebec news of how police have been put on administrative leave 5 months after aboriginal women reported abuses from nine police officers ..sexual abuse .. sex favors exchanged for $ and drugs. Only after it hit a big news report did the minister put these officers on leave. Good example of how aboriginal women are treated in this country.

  5. Marion Sampolio missing since 1970, Vernon Area is where her body is believed to be. I wonder …. ? :/

  6. My Aunt : Marion Sampolio murdered & missing since 1970, Vernon area is where her body is believed to be. I wonder ? …… :/

  7. The headline made my heart skip a beat and send panic through me. I though maybe you had more information than I had received notification for. While the Pickton crime has definitely ran through my mind, I find it unethical to use a sensationalizing headline to get more reads! You see my sister is missing. Her home was very close to the search site. And no she was never ever in the sex industry. She was a beautiful strong and active woman, with a family that loves and misses her. A family that hasn’t gone a day in over a year that has imagined multiple horrible scenarios for what could of happened to her. When she disappeared it was like a ufo plucked her up. Gone without her basic belongings. So please be respectful when creating your stories, and headlines. There are loved ones you hurt.

    1. So sorry for what you are going through. I live in Enderby and have been trying to convey to people posting innuendo and inaccuracies that this isn’t helpful and it can be hurtful. Unfortunately hysteria is being fuelled by the media. I pray that you will find closure and peace.

    2. It’s true how inconsiderate we can be…sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally. I have lost a niece to a horrible death. I have friends who have lost loved ones similarily. Does it matter whether they were aboriginal? Not to me. We all bleed red. The color of skin is meaningless in these cases. I do however, feel grateful to those who made a stand wanting better and fairer treatment. Let’s focus on a way to help each other. We CAN stand together in this cause. Warm hugs, sincere prayer to one and all.

  8. Atira, PACE, and other organizations that offer support services and low barrier housing to women facing poverty or working in the sex trade have actual paper documents called “bad date reports”. As someone who has interviewed for support worker jobs and trained as a crises line counselor, these reports are common knowledge. If the police gave 2 fucks about finding all of these “farms” they would ask for the support of these records and organizations and actually start take these women seriously. Yes there are some false reports but they are rare…and it’s not hard to run pattern analysis when you have actual data.

    1. it,s actually called the “red light alert”…there was a push to create a searchable data base based on the red light alert but funding feel short….still, in vancouver…where the new prostitution laws are deliberately NOT being enforced….there have been no murders of sex workers for 8 years….by not crimnalizing already vulnerable women, they have begun to create trust with my community…sex workers….reporting of violence is up and vancouver is enjoying a reprieve from the harms caused by the discriminatory actions of the past….other police services should take a lesson from vancouver….stop arresting sex workers and clients….listen to sex workers who have been the victims of crime….charge those who harms us with complacency….this will lead to better safety outcomes for all women in the community….

  9. Degenerate killer, preying on the vulberable! Police don’t give a Damn about the life of any an aboriginal person….in my lufe experience ive geard last seen jn the back of cop car! Nect morning! Dead!!

  10. John. I am so sorry for the heartache and fear you are having to suffer and deal with. Ashley, your family and all the missing women and their families are forever in my prayers. God be with you.

  11. In response to an earlier comment. The reason Indigenous is often noted now is because it has become clear, statistically, there are more indigenous women missing and attention needs to be drawn to this. Also a belief that if it is an indigenous person missing then less time and resources are used to resolve the issue. All races of women are disappearing but greater numbers from the indigenous population. If you don’t want to look at is as race related maybe look at it as value related. Many women who go missing are in a high risk lifestyle aka prostitution, drug addiction, but also women are often seen as “property” with a value attached to that. Women who are in certain professions, or who are from a certain race, or who have a certain lifestyle have a lower status in the culture and hierarchy they live in, so are seen to be of less value, and even disposable. There are some men who only see women in this way.

  12. The police are too busy making sure that the government fas full monopoly of the cannabis industry to fight real crimes!

  13. I as one of the missing parents am sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out weather my daughter Ashley is on the property the wait is unbearable but closure would be heaven sent ,how society has let this tragedy of the missing to go on for so long us unacceptable, we as a country need to find the missing and return them to where they belong and put the monsters behind bars or in the ground in which they put their victims

    1. Good Lord I am so sorry for what u r going thru:(this is awful!every ounce of my being prays ur child returns safe and sound to u

    2. I am so sorry about your daughter John. I hope your family is able to find closure soon. My prayers are with you.

    3. Just wanted to give you a hug. I have a friend who has been missing since 1993. Last time I saw her she was on her way to Vancouver.

    4. Im praying for you and your family to find peace in your hearts…. even more so maybe a mirical and your baby girl will be brought home safe and sound so you can hold her tight and maybe get a good nights sleep for the 1st time since shes been missing. Prayers&hugs to you and your family. If u want to talk ever feel free to contact me

    5. I am so sorry for the agony you must be going through. I have contacted my MLA to let our government know this is not ok. More resources are needed to find out what has happened to these woman

    6. My heart and prayers go out to you for your missing Daughter. I hope you receive good news but understand that any news of where she is is better than not knowing. No matter what happens in life our children are always our innocent babies.
      My family moved many years ago to the coast from Winnipeg and my mother has never had answers of her two sisters for over 50 + years.
      I pray you get answers and find peace and have justice if this turns out as worst case
      Love from another mother

    7. So sorry about Ashley I hope and pray that they have luck finding your baby.i I also pray that she is alive.

    1. There is a forensic team that specializes in evidence collection at the search site as well as a large contingent of RCMP officers.

  14. I wish they would stop focusing on the native part. These are all women, humans,someones children. Sex trade workers living a very risky life. It is sad and i hate that there are people that prey on these women..but remember these are all women not just INDIGENOUS women. Women of all races and backgrounds.lets remenber that

    1. If it were only indigenous women who’d gone missing, they wouldn’t be looking at all yet.

      1. just sayn my daughter Ashley is white she is missing ,ive been there , ive been told hey ur the white man who white daughter is missing ,, u get all the media I say I,m the man who travelled across canada to search for his daughter I,m the guy who gets out and looks for the missing as I have been to BC twice looking for her ,and tryn to form search parties while others have geiven up,,now is not the time to throw stones ,I had to convince the police while I was there that indeed my daughter was in trouble and not just a runaway,i,m really tiered of all the poor me crap try and do something get out get involved get out and find these missing give the families some closure ,fight for them to change laws to help the families of the missing of all races ,stop the divide and conqour mentality of the government ,we all matter we all have to care we just cant and turn our heads and blame others if we don’t try ourselves to make things right the only ones we can blame is ourselves

        1. Our thoughts are with the Simpson family and friends and all the loved ones missing and there families.

      2. You are so right and that’s why it has taken so long for Indigenous missing women to get noticed after so many have been lost and Murdered,it took movements,lobbying and media to get thier silent voices heard .

    2. The point is ..if indigenous women are missing the police don’t investigate…they are only investigating because a white woman complained about him! That is the point. Our government does not care that more indigenous women go missing that any other ethnicity

      1. You answered your own question.
        It’s not that the police were taking the missing persons reports light heartedly.
        If you got a report of a missing person from the downtown Vancouver Eastside, would your first thought be “they are at the farm near Salmon arm!”. No. A missing person report is generally a cold Case as soon as it’s reported.

        Now… If someone called in and left tip saying “I think all the missing people are at this farm near Salmon arm” immediate action will be taken. Which is exactly what happend here.

        Don’t turn this into a race war, there’s more important things to worry about. Pick your battles.

    3. Except the Police usually go looking and don’t give up looking
      if the missing person is white. For indigenous women the police often don’t believe he woman is missing, they figure she is just drunk somewhere and will turn up. so they do nothing!

    4. My sister has been missing for 24 years from the DTES. We are Scandinavian and Scotch Irish and I am furious the missing women in Canada has become a cause of the indiginious. It is a problem all cultures within Canada have to face and should be represented as such.

      1. It became a CAUSE because nobody was listening. Thousands missing and nobody cared. That’s why it’s about Indigenous Women. Sorry for your loss.

    5. Missing native women don’t get the same attention from the police, though. That’s why it’s worth highlighting it. Police just say “o well, they do that – just disappear and go somewhere else. Nothing unusual, nothing to worry about”. So abusers know they’re more likely to get away with it for longer if they attack indigenous women. Outrageous but sadly true.

      1. Right! It would be journalistically irresponsible not to mention the fact that the missing women were indigenous.

    6. Maybe wish for these women stop being abducted, rather than focusing on some petty race issue that you have. Indigenous matter!

    7. Yes there are women from all ethnicities. But Indigenous women are at a much greater risk than Caucasian women as they are still discriminated against. And often missing and murdered Indigenous women are ignored by the police and misrepresented in the media. Caucasian women are never ignored or forgotten, Indigenous women are.

    8. First of all your grammar is very poor. Your assumption of them all being prostitutes is wrong. This issue is an on going case that happens to so many people in Canada. Judging by the response you had no time put any thought into your response. Your sentence structure is very poor as well. This news outlet discusses native issues and anything surrounding native issues. it is a no brainer that they will indigenize the content. Your last line mentions background. The truth is many of these people have a background and I would not say that they are all prostitutes. many of these people were daughter, mothers, nieces and grand children. But, judging from your response you are automatically comparing it to the Picton’s case. If you listen closely they found remains, nothing more. further more your comment show your ignorance.

      1. I’m curious what grammar has to do with the integrity of the argument itself. It sounds like shaming, which is super unhelpful.

      2. My Aunt was abducted from work . She never used drugs or ever worked the sex trade. She was a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Daughter and loved by many. Racial profiling sucks.

    9. Yes 2 out of 5 identified as indigenous….
      We never hear 3 out of 5 were Caucasian..
      5 out of 5 are women..
      There is so much racism in this world is self induced and self sustained.

      1. That’s because the majority of people, when they read or hear the word “person” with no racial indicator – they assume that person is white. Colonialism’s real.

      2. Just keep in mind which website you are reading. APTN’s tagline is “Stories about First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples.” I think it would be pretty weird for them to talk about non-indigenous people as the primary focus in a story when news about indigenous people is literally what they are all about. But or course, as with all of their stories, once more information is made available to them they will publish it.

      3. I agree with you Rick, they are all women,I get very tired of people thinking that the police don’t care because it is mainly native women that go missing! We all care very much!

    10. Yes you are correct. However…indigenous people have been the target in most of these atrocities. It’s easier for someone to commit a crime against an indigenous person in this country because very few care about them. It goes uninvestigated.

      In any case…these victims were someone’s family member. Father, Mother, sister, brother etc…

    11. It’s the indigenous groups that have fought hard to have this recognized cause it’s something that had been overlooked for so many years. Yes I agree that it’s all women but the traction came from missing a murdered indigenous women. I think most readers and people who have followed this whole enquiry can say that Indigenous women are more susceptible to these situations but none the less we care about all women going through these horrendous sittuations

      1. Why on earth would you say that indigenous women are more susceptible to this kind of danger??
        Are you a researcher or where do you get your facts????
        Common people…..
        And little old Silver Creek is only one small community that’s being targeted…..
        We can’t say who’s more targeted, because the Spallumcheen Reserve is mixed with Natives and Caucasian and any other race out there….
        It just so happens that these ” Indiginous Women ” were targeted at this time…..

    12. Really? .. yes they are all in need of recognition because it’s wrong what happened to all of them whatever the race. But if there needs to be a national inquiry to investigate the massive crimes against indigenous women and girls then yah.. they have every right to. Indigenous women are more likely to be murdered than non-Indigenous and that is a fact. Shame on you for having an issue with those who want to actually she’d light on a well-known issue.

    13. I know for a fact that not all the woman listed were sex trade workers. My sister and another of the missing ladies only lived one road away from one of the properties they are searching. My sister was very well off, living in a beautiful home.

    14. I agree with you 100% I think the same way as you. Lets get the focus off Indigous women. Because race has nothing too do with it. I will lite a candle for all the victims and their familys. Great post thank you!

    15. I am so glad you said that cause I was getting sick of hearing only about indigenous women. They need to search for all of them not just them, they are not any more important then the rest of these women and girls. I have been hearing all over the news about missing indigenous women and am quite frankly sick of them being the only ones mentioned. All the missing women have friends and love ones who are missing them and are worried sick about them.

    16. it’s important that we point out when the lives of indigenous women may be involved because – as some others have mentioned – there’s a statistically significant likelihood that robust investigations by the police will /not/ be carried out. indigenous women face an incredibly greater relative risk from predators, and for a litany of reasons, with a key one being inadequate consideration, diligence, and commitment by law enforcement.

    17. Indigenous women are more likely to be targeted, so it is worth noting that. By acknowledging that fact they’re not taking away from other victims, merely reminding people of an issue that relates to this.

    18. Most women that are exploited on the streets in prostitution are native. I don’t know the exact stats for Vancouver but in other western Canada cities it’s over 80%.

  15. Why do they limit it to just the five that were missing? Surely there must be more? Like a pattern, has this man or whomever lives there always lived there, where else did they live. Nobody just wakes up and starts killing women, there’s always a pattern or something off like a favorite place?

    1. Rae, I have to agree with you. There has to be more than 5, and you are correct that a serial killers does not change their preferences and they choose the same way each time. That is their signature.

      1. there is nothing at this time to indicate that the missing women have anything to do with this investigation,,,,,,,and,,,,the women mentioned are the only ones FROM THIS area reported missing

    2. there has been nothing mentioned to indicate that any of the missing women are a part of this investigation,,,,they have not said ANYTHING about how many remains were found for that matter they have said very little except that they are continuing the investigation/search,,,,there has not even been any mention of whom they suspect of anything that may or may not have happened. So your question is rather redundant

      1. Susan is absolutely right. EVERY reference to “missing woman” in this case so far has come from the media sensationalizing it. All the references to “Pickton” have come from the media and the public. The police have made no statements regarding what they are looking for and have declined comment on whether the human remains found belonged to one or more persons. All of this has become widely speculated due to a single incident in which a suspect pulled a gun on a sex trade worker. It is not even confirmed that she was present AS a sex trade worker. It could just as easily be drug related, or the two incidents could be totally unrelated.
        Hopefully they will release a new statement with more information soon, but until then, let’s please not all turn this family horse farm into Pickton V2.0 in our minds. Wait for real news!

    1. My heart and prayers go out to all involved. This is so sad and disturbing. Hoping you can find Peace and whatever your heart needs. Much love and healing light to you all.

    2. I am saddened by all of this. It doesn’t matter what these young ladies did…they are someones daughter, sister or possibly mother. Now we are their voices and we have to speak out. Love and prayers go out to all who are affected by this

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