Isolation during COVID-19: ‘Maybe things do need to slow down’ says artist Christi Belcourt

While it’s hard to relax and find things to do in isolation, many have found ways to cope, with task or with peace of mind.

Beloved artist Christi Belcourt is one of those finding a silver lining.

Working with graphic artist Mariah Meawasige, she has released coloring pages of her art on her Facebook page, and encourages others to color them in and repost their completed work in the comments.

“It never ceases to amaze me how if you give people the same task, it will come out in all these different ways and different colors. It’s been fun,” Belcourt said.

She said people should think of all the things they want to do but never have time to, and knock off some of that list while in isolation, if possible.

“Because of the lives we have in this kind of society, it’s one that’s pushed to the limits,” Belcourt said.

“Maybe things do need to slow down – for our benefit and the earth’s benefit.”

(Artist Christi Belcourt has posted coloring pages of her work to her Facebook page and encourages isolation artists to share their completed works in the comments. ‘It’s been fun,’ Belcourt says)

Beader Krista Leddy and friends decided to start a virtual beading circle to bead socially while socially distant.

“I like to social bead. Sit together, work together but with COVID-19 we’re stuck in our homes,” said Leddy.

Beaders seeking the same can contact her on any of her social media platforms under the name Beaded Chickadee and ask for a Zoom link to the beading circles.

And Josh Morin of Michif Cultural Connections Company decided this downtime would be well-used by offering free michif lessons on his company Facebook page.

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