Iranian TV attacks Canada using "lawyer" who believes Obama visited Mars

Iranian state-controlled television used a Vancouver-based “human rights lawyer” who believes U.S. President Barack Obama visited Mars to attack Canada over its treatment of Indigenous people on the eve of a visit to Tehran by two former chiefs.

By Jorge Barrera
APTN National News

Iranian state-controlled television attacked Canada over its treatment of Indigenous people by using a Vancouver-based “human rights lawyer” who believes U.S. President Barack Obama visited Mars.

Press TV, the Iranian state-controlled network, posted a video Wednesday under the title, “Harper govt incites genocide of Indigenous population.”

The video featured an interview between a Press TV anchor and Alfred Lambremont Webre, who is identified as a human rights lawyer. A transcript of the interview was posted beneath the video.

Former Roseau River chief Terry Nelson and former Dakota Tipi chief Dennis Pashe were scheduled to land in Tehran Thursday to begin meetings with Iranian officials.

Press TV has regularly posted columns and news stories about Canada and its treatment of Indigenous people, but the network seems to have stepped up the pace in the lead up to the arrival of Nelson and Pashe.

The interview with Webre ranks as one of the most aggressive pieces against Canada aired by the network.

“We have Canada constantly accusing Iran of human rights violations; in the United Nations it has been behind several resolutions against Iran but is there anyone to question Canada’s human rights violations?” said the Press TV anchor to begin his interview with Webre.

Webre responds by saying he is a legal adviser with the so-called International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, which is run by Kevin Annett, a controversial defrocked United Church minister who has turned the Indian residential school issue into his life’s cause. Webre also said he’s involved with Annett’s group’s project to dig up a mass burial site outside former residential school in Brantford, Ont.

“They have now come to light the remains of mass graves of First Nations children who were murdered as part of the residential school program,” said Webre. “That has been covered up by the current Harper administration, Harper government, and I do not call it the government of Canada; in fact, the Harper government calls it the Harper government not the government of Canada.”

APTN has covered the grave site issue in the past. APTN Investigates will be airing new information on the grave site Friday at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Webre also claimed he faced reprisals from the Canadian government after he appeared on Press TV to say the U.S. drone strikes in Yemen were against international law. In an interview with APTN National News, he claimed Canadian agents working with Canada Post ripped his Press TV cheques in half before delivering them to his home.

“It was my belief that those cheques were torn in half as reprisals by agents of the government of Canada because of my being a war crimes correspondence for Press TV which is an agent of the government of Iran,” he said.

Webre also said that this was not the first time he’s been a target of government agents. He also said he’s been under “time travel surveillance” by U.S. agents who brought a book he published in 2005 about a secret time travel program back to the year 1971.

Webre’s main work, however, appears to be focused on exopolitics, which is the study of the interaction between world governments and alien civilizations. His 2005 book, Exopolitics: politics, government and law in the universe, was praised by former Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer.

“Alfred Lambremont Webre’s odyssey into the realm of life in the vast universe surrounding planet earth is indeed a fascinating journey if you read it with an open mind,” wrote Hellyer.

Webre said he discovered that current U.S. President Obama visited Mars when he was 18 years-old and the U.S. has a secret military base on the Red Planet and operates a fleet of spaceships.

“Since he was 18 years-old he was part of a secret CIA program and was given a 10,000 page threat-assessment of the Martian culture and he had to write an essay on that,” said Webre. “These are people who have been life-long trained in a very complex military-industrial complex.”

Webre said he’s aware his research into alien life forms, secret government programs and time travel may be used to discredit his other work, including his role as an advisor to Annette’s tribunal.

“Just because I am on the cutting edge of law and science doesn’t mean one cancels out the other,” he said. “Press TV doesn’t have a problem with it and they report the war crimes work I do. To me it is just a diversionary issue that I think intelligent readers will think, ‘what does that have to do with anything?'”

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  3. PressTV has been pushing anti-Canadian propaganda for a while now, I covered it back in August:

    Webre has been a part of this for a long time, back to the time when he was part of a mock human rights tribunal that PressTV was a part of:

    Webre is also a run-of-the mill con artist. In this video, he tells people that his “university” gives certificates for a course in time travel that people can use to get bank loans with:

    This man is a danger to Canada. He’s an American (unsure if he is a naturalized Canadian)- regardless, if he is Canadian, he should have his citizenship removed after working for an (antagonistic) foreign government…

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