Iqaluit issues Do Not Consume for town’s drinking water

Nunavut public health says don’t use tap water for drinking or cooking.

After multiple complaints about the drinking water having an odour, Iqaluit city council is warning residents in Nunavut’s capital to not drink it.

A tweet sent out Tuesday afternoon from Iqaluit Mayor Kenny Bell said that the territory and city will be “coming out soon” with information. But in the meantime, “please don’t drink the water #Iqaluit.”

According to the tweet, “more tests happening and clear information is coming soon.”

An emergency meeting of council is scheduled for Tuesday at approximately 5:45 p.m. ET.

A number of people are on social media asking how far the ban goes including whether bottled water should be avoided.

According to a release from the city dated Oct. 10, “Iqaluit continues to investigate, test and monitor our drinking water daily.  No water quality advisory is being issued at this time. Drinking water testing to date are satisfactory.

“The City has retained the support of a consulting engineering firm and is working with Public Health officials.  As part of the continuing investigation, additional testing and monitoring are underway.  The City is tracking and mapping the locations where odor in the water has been reported.”