Iqaluit gets millions to clean up a decades old American mess

For decades the American Air Force operated on the Frobisher air base now known as Iqaluit.

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4 thoughts on “Iqaluit gets millions to clean up a decades old American mess

  1. Hi,
    Great to hear that Iqaluit will be receiving funds to deal with this long-lasting problem. A few clarifications though: in the last sentence, The cleanup, the most expensive environmental clean up in Canadian history, was completed in 2014.–what cleanup are you referring to? If the “clean-up” was completed in 2014, is the funding for other dump sites? Which government department is providing the funding?

    1. Hi Marina, the line refers to the clean up of the Dew Line across the north. Thanks for the question.

      1. I don’t think all sites have been cleaned up. Cam 3 was still there as was fox3 so might be lots of work to do get dewline gunner con giant faro Elsa lynn lake and on and on…. we never learn

  2. Its good to see city hall sometimes listens. I approach them 5 yrs ago asking them what their plans are for the US buried metal dump. They asked what buried metal dump? I took pictures and showed them to Robin Cambell at the time and she started some kinjd of movement for it. I am very happy something is being about this mess. Fred Coman showed it to me in 1978. I took pictures of all the old engines thru holes in the ground and gave them to the city.

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