Iqaluit changing under severe restrictions due to COVID-19

The Nunavut territory has yet to declare a positive case of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 but its restrictions are not going anywhere for the time being.

According to authorities, Nunavut has administered 369 tests in which 114 have come back negative. The other 255 are waiting for results.

Early on, the territory brought in measures to keep COVID-19 out.

Given the high rates of tuberculosis, another respiratory ailment, authorities looked at COVID-19 as a virus that would run rampant throughout communities if harsh measures weren’t brought in.

Like in the rest of the territory, nothing is business as usual in Iqaluit – and the town is changing under the COVID-19 restrictions.

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1 thought on “Iqaluit changing under severe restrictions due to COVID-19

  1. Everyone has to protect there elders and our brothers and sisters. As the problem now is health concerns at where the govt’s are not doing for all First Nations and Inuit. Also allowing oil and gas sectors to still endanger everyone and destroying mother nature. Now as our communities worry about the virus the PM is doing nothing. PM will do more for a Asylum seekers then our people and it has been going on far to long. All i can say is to be safe and protect your families.

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