Intellectual, activist, ‘giant’ Arthur Manuel sung out by family across the threshold to the other side



5 thoughts on “Intellectual, activist, ‘giant’ Arthur Manuel sung out by family across the threshold to the other side

  1. On behalf of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte I extend condolences to Arthur
    Manual’s family. His passion for First Nation’s People and the natural elements was unfailing. The torch is now left to tge next generation to carry and Arthur will be helping from tge Spirit World.

    Chief R..Donald Maracle

  2. We have lost a giant of a man…he was a wonderful person and a leader worth following. I am deeply saddened that his death was such a terrible reflection of the very inequality and enforced poverty that he gave his entire life to rectifying. Supporting his people in their actions and aspirations is the legacy I intend to uphold.

  3. I feel honoured to have known Art – such a smart, driven, dedicated man. And he was also so hilarious and warm. You will be so badly missed, Art – be at peace with the ancestors. With respect and affection – Tamara

  4. Art Manuel’s book UNSETTLING CANADA is an inspiration to those who want to see universal human rights to be at long last brought into practice in Canada as a supreme law of human rights. I was extremely moved and inspired when I heard Art’s talk at Okanagan College in Kelowna last spring.

    In his memory – we must begin a discussion on how to create a partnership between Indigenous Governments of Turtle Island and groups that are seeking to replace colonial discredited premises of investment law – with a solid foundation that incorporates the legal customs of the Original Society. When we have natural justice that does not involve dollars and fleecing victims – we will be able to achieve the kind of practices that respects our commitments like the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

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