Inquiry into murdered Indigenous women loses bid for two disputed RCMP files

Inquiry commissioners Qajaq Robinson and Brian Eyolfson. (APTN)

The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls has lost a court bid for access to two RCMP files the Mounties refuse to hand over.

The RCMP gave the inquiry more than 100 files but concluded that disclosing the two disputed ones could compromise ongoing investigations.

The Mounties then filed certificates with the Federal Court under the Canada Evidence Act, which allows for a hearing to decide whether secrecy will prevail.

In its ruling, the court sides with the RCMP, saying it is satisfied the refusal to hand over the files was not because of a fear of embarrassment or revelation of misconduct by force members.

The inquiry recently delivered its final report calling for fundamental changes in the areas of health, security, justice and culture affecting Indigenous women and girls.

The inquiry’s mandate expires at the end of the month, and there was no immediate word on whether it would appeal the Federal Court ruling.



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2 thoughts on “Inquiry into murdered Indigenous women loses bid for two disputed RCMP files

  1. Too bad a timeline could not have been set. Yes your “investigation” needs this but this family needs closure because a human life has been lost so you have x amount of time before the files are handed over.

  2. Ya let’s sit around and wait while RCMP change communities every 2 yrs or so and the next ones have no clue of what happened or where. Stop the injustice in the injustice system. To the people that know what happened step up or u too far gone on your habits. Alot of families are waiting for closure.

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