Indigenous women’s group declares state of emergency over inappropriate communications from male leaders

“Ultimately, this is about the safety and security of Indigenous women.”

Vicki Monague says she was the victim of domestic assault.

A grassroots group of Indigenous women says it’s time to do something about inappropriate texts and Facebook messages.

“Let’s talk about how to stop inappropriate communication,” said Sandra DeLaronde, executive director of Manitoba Moon Voices Inc.

“…especially from those in positions of power.”

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The group hosted a community gathering in Winnipeg Thursday to discuss harassment and sexual harassment.

“People are afraid to come forward,” DeLaronde added, noting there were numerous phone calls from women and two-spirited people who wanted to disclose experiences anonymously.

She said there was enough interest for her group to declare “a state of emergency” and call for the creation of “safe spaces and places” for those fleeing sexual violence, exploitation and harassment.

DeLaronde, who co-chaired the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Coalition in Manitoba, said being disbelieved and unsupported “further victimizes” the victims.

“Ultimately, this is about the safety and security of Indigenous women,” she said Friday.



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