Indigenous MP visiting First Nations with a vision of creating new confederacy

Larissa Burnouf
APTN National News
In the hopes of better unifying First Nations across the country, Winnipeg Center MP Robert Falcon-Ouellette recently returned to his home reserve in central Saskatchewan.

From there Falcon-Ouellette plans to walk to over 40 communities until he returns to Winnipeg.

He said traditionally First Nations would send a warrior to spread a message to other communities and he’s taken it upon himself to do just that.

He kicked off the walk at the Red Pheasant First Nation Wednesday with the goal to bringing attention of creating a new Indigenous confederacy. It would be set apart from the current government organizations such as the Assembly of First Nations and their provincial affiliates.

“These in themselves can pass resolutions, but there’s no decision making power. They’re not a parliament, they don’t pass laws and so what I’m proposing is the building of an Indigenous parliament,” said Falcon-Ouellette. “A great confederacy which will have decision making power that at the same time respects local needs and requirements and traditions.”

He said self-governance needs to be conducted at a national level and First Nations people across the country need to unify to make it happen.

“It seems that in Ottawa things are negotiated in small groups. We’ll have a small, regional, self-determining government but it leaves a lot of other people out who won’t see that long term benefit,” he said. “My fear is in the long term, in 20 years we’re going to have Indigenous people who are still not where they should be, they have not reached their full potential, not only as individuals but also as a collectivity.”

Falcon-Ouellette believes there are a number of First Nations that are blinded by the Indian Act and he’s hoping to change that.

“Our leadership for over 150 years has been living under the Indian Act and I fear that many of them can’t see outside of that paradigm, that structure that’s been created for us. They can’t see a different future and so let’s dream about what we actually want as a society.”

He’s not sure exactly how long the trek will take him, however he plans on covering more than 40km per day and reaching 41 communities by the time he hits Winnipeg.

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2 thoughts on “Indigenous MP visiting First Nations with a vision of creating new confederacy

  1. Its a step and a great start and I do not see anything else on the horizon that comes vaguely close. As of right now there are way to many self proclaimed individuals and special interest groups feasting of the blood of those in need. Only those who entered into Treaties with the Crown as a Sovereign nation can negotiate self determination for the nation in question. One word to the honorable Member of Parliament, Mr. Robert Falcon Oulette. Can I join you on the Highway to Confederacy?

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