Indigenous environmental group says activities responsible for cut in greenhouse gas emissions

A new report by the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) says Indigenous resistance is having a major impact on stopping or delaying greenhouse gas pollution in the United States and in Canada.

According to the IEN, the report, Indigenous Resistance Against Carbon, is “based on an analysis of 20 fossil fuel projects that have been stopped or delayed in the past 10 years due to Indigenous communities resisting across what is currently called the United States and Canada.

“Given the current climate crisis, Indigenous peoples are demonstrating that the assertion of Indigenous Rights not only upholds a higher moral standard, but provides a crucial path to confronting climate change head-on and reducing emissions.”

Fossil fuels are the leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions which are fueling the climate crisis.

A recent report from the United Nations warned that the world is close to not being able to reverse many of the effects of the crisis.

Dallas Goldtooth is with the IEN and joined APTN News to talk about the report.

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