Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett talks about the government’s abrupt change of heart over child welfare

Indigenous Affairs minister talks about why federal government finally agreed to mediation with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal over First Nations child welfare.

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It was only a little more than year ago that you might have heard Carolyn Bennett, then Liberal critic for Indigenous Affairs, berating the Conservative government over its handling of the First Nations child welfare system.

But fast forward to today, the Liberals are cautiously approaching the issue and have so far ignored two compliance orders from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal – a quasi-judicial court that ruled in January that Canada discriminated against First Nations children.

So far, the Tribunal has issued two compliance orders, and the government has resisted any sort of mediation – until now that is.

Under the glaring lights of the House of Commons, the Liberals begrudgingly voted in favour of an NDP motion on child welfare.

Minister Bennett joined Cheryl McKenzie in Winnipeg to talk about why the about face.

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