Idle No More worth the time

Organizers of a movement like Idle No More say it takes up a lot of time.

APTN National News
Organizers of a movement like Idle No More say it takes up a lot of time.

However, two busy mothers in Nova Scotia say it’s worth the sacrifice.

That’s because the movement is not an option, it’s a necessity.

APTN National News reporter Ossie Michelin was able to squeeze an interview in their busy schedule and has their story.

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3 thoughts on “Idle No More worth the time

  1. I know this may not seem relevant to the topic at hand… but it does. Besides, all the other articles I wanted to comment on that seemed more relevant to what I want to say, have their comment threads closes shortly after the story is posted:

    I wish taking a parenting class was regarded the same way as the movement: not
    an option but a necessity.
    There is too much group think going on amongst us
    Natives. WE must stop this!! IF I or anyone else speaks out against some of our
    corrupt chiefs or say that we need to work on ourselves as a community, then we
    should NOT be called down as an ‘apple’, or like Patrick Brazeau when people
    called him an “Indian No More”. This IS racism. To call other Natives down
    because they don’t agree with you is intolerance. In fact, those who comment
    like this is exposing their own prejudice and racism. I find it ironic at best
    and hypocritical at worst to call Harper and the rest of Canada as ‘racist’
    while you call them down as ‘crackers’ etc. We need to do better.
    I can’t
    see much difference between the idea of ‘one mind’ and the socially destructive
    concept of ‘group think’.
    I’m sure I’ll be called names for saying that.
    I’ll probably be publicly lambasted for wishing we could be better parents for
    our children. Group thinkers will not hear me say this, nor will they see the
    positive values I wish for our peoples… what they WILL say is that I’m an
    ‘apple’ and a ‘racist’ for saying something ‘negative’ about a Native especially
    a Native female.
    It’s stuff like this that discredits the movement. I know,
    because it does in my eyes and in my heart: The majority of what I see/hear is a
    bunch of ignoramuses embarrassing us by claiming they represent all Natives and
    even the rest of Canada…and before you make the claim that I have no right to
    say such: NO i am not just getting my info from media, I was a part of the
    marches and some of the flash mobs.
    It would be a positive win-win situation
    and bring credibility if INM supported an audit of Theresa Spence–it would show
    the rest of Canada what it’s like to hold a politician accountable. I think a
    forensic audit should happen for Attiwapiskat, NOT for Spence, NOT for INM and
    NOT for those who just want to add fire to their confirmation bias. IF she’s
    guilty, then INM should distance themselves from her. If she’s innocent, then
    the government will look bad for ordering such an intrusive invasion in our
    affairs and will be hard pressed to do such again in the future. But it should
    be for the people of that reserve who have been through so much even though it
    would benefit INM whether she’s guilty or not provided she be held accountable
    if she’s guilty.
    I can’t believe NO ONE is thinking of any of this. NO
    WAIT, I know they are thinking it, it’s just that the ‘group think’ dynamic is
    so STRONG in INM that ppl like me and others are unwilling to be treated like
    Brazeau even though he’s asking a perfectly logical question (albeit in a
    demeaning way) about Spence’s non-hunger strike and her inability to conduct
    proper business–it’s one thing to be incompetent, it’s another to be
    incompetent and still be living in the luxury that competence provides.

    Let’s get rid of our own racism before we call others such. OK???
    nothing will be done about these things I speak of. I’m beginning to wonder if
    any of our communities want to affect real change from the many shackles
    Residential schools left on us, OR do we just want to show the rest of Canada
    how we were & still are shackled.
    I doubt that this will get posted on
    APTN’s website… that’s ok… I’m taking screen shots because my thesis is on
    precisely the issues I’m raising and how WE as nations collectively ignore the
    many problems we face and how media helps in that endeavour. I’ll be surprised
    about which 2 posts I sent will end up on the site, if either one does at all.

    I’m also studying the motivational mechanisms at play between media/social
    media and people in grassroots movements. I’m particularly interested in the
    claims that what FOXNEWS is to patriotic Americans, Sun News is to patriotic
    Canadians and APTN is to proud Natives.

    No matter what you choose to
    do, I thank you for participating.

  2. Its so amazing love this i am a single ful time father n also getting people off there seats and get them to look for a balance in their lifes i am an artist my company name is gaze effect

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