Idle No More movement was like ‘bacteria,’ says internal RCMP document

The report also struck an ominous tone that violence loomed

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6 thoughts on “Idle No More movement was like ‘bacteria,’ says internal RCMP document

  1. As a fermenter of various food and drink, I have a suspicion the RCMP has no idea how healthy bacteria keeps us. 🙂

  2. And now with Bill C-51 passed just wait ti see how the RCMP will react! Generally the RCMP use threats of violence rarely use alternative methods like common sense or verbal communications. They are being led by the nose into a government gestapo type of enforcers – no longer “peace” officers held accountable for their violent deadly actions which are their first course of action. Continously using violence as means of control, beating unarmed men already placed in celsl, being charged with firearm violations, assaulting disabled elderly citizens, perjury, and refusing to wear body cameras.
    Lacking leadership from the top tp regional supervisors increasing number of raw inexperienced officers are resorting to violent uncontrolled reactions in teir dealings with citizens. Marty Robinson is a primary example having taser one innocent imigrant to death and killing a motorcyclist with his car, own children in backseat, leaving the victim to die while he took his children home and continud to drink.
    A simplistic approach would be the implemenation of the RCMP Core Values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Accountability and Professionalism. Being held to a higher standard has flown out the window along with being an integral part of a community.

  3. Idle No More was / is an awakening. And it sure did spread across the country and across cultural divides. This was not entirely a native movement. There were Canadians of all kinds standing together to oppose the harper govt. and defend our environment. To defend First Nations Treaty Rights. To Stop unbridled resource extraction. Stop allowing giant companies to pollute our water. Our common bond was to defend our Earth, Our Mother. These were good people. If RCMP were smart, they would have seen that. Instead of protecting the peaceful protesters and their right to protest, they followed the orders of the harper Govt. and treated them, not as citizens, but as terrorists! The Harper Govt. does not represent the majority of Canadians. There is so much more to Idle No More, than the info the RCMP had on it.

  4. As an Elder Friend of mine says “bacteria, pshaaaw… more like a curative lol!”

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