‘I thought we were going to take him down … like Saddam’ hundreds turn out at Cornwallis ceremony

Hundreds turn out at Cornwallis statue ceremony in Halifax.

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Trina Roache brings 18 years of journalistic experience to APTN Investigates. A member of the Glooscap First Nation in unceded Mi’kmaw territory, Trina has covered Indigenous issues from politics to land protection, treaty rights and more. In 2014, Trina won the Journalists for Human Rights/CAJ award for her series on Jordan’s Principle. She was nominated again in 2017 for a series on healthcare issues in the remote Labrador community of Black Tickle. Trina’s favorite placed is behind the camera, and is honoured when the people living the story, trust her to tell it.

3 thoughts on “‘I thought we were going to take him down … like Saddam’ hundreds turn out at Cornwallis ceremony

  1. Mr.Mayor Mike Savage . Think of all those
    Kids and Mother’s and father’s dead.killed by a person, no ,animal who who tought it would be better to kill all of these people. And then pay for every scalp of every indigenous person. How would you feel if you knew your family was being killed by this animal. and then they put a statue to honor him.for to long this city turned a blind eye on this for far to long.if they don’t want to take it down ,then why diden’t or don’t they put a big plack on it to say what this man did to the Mi’kmaw people. This city needs to cleanse itself. God knows a lot of people thump their chests and telling people, how good halifax people are.let’s show the Mi’kmaw People that you are sorry for all the bad thing that was done to my people. And that’s just the start of the cleanse. I JUST WAN’T THE MAYOR TO HAVE A LITTLE BACKBONE AND TAKE IT DOWN.

  2. Plenty of people who believe that the history of one race is righteous and superior to all others. Kinda like racism isn’t it?

    1. Hopefully you are referring to the people who put the statue up and those who insist on keeping it.
      In case you missed it: ” It’s like a Hitler statue being in a Jewish community that the Jewish people have to drive by every day,” said Paul. “It’s mentally disturbing to people that have to live here. I’ve lived in this city my whole life. I don’t like to drive down here. Because of what it represents to me and my family. It’s just something that needs to go.” Think about that as a life experience… let it sink in.

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