Hunger strike no more, Muskrat Falls deal brings jubilation and smoked arctic char

Hunger strikers and Yvonne Jones on the Oct. 27 edition of Nation to Nation.

Nation to Nation
For 13 days Billy Gauthier did not have a morsel of food.

His two companions hadn’t eaten in 10 days.

But the hunger strike that was started to raise awareness of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project came to an end early Wednesday morning.

Gauthier, Delilah Saunders and Jerry Kohlmeister join N2N host Jorge Barrera to talk about not eating and getting the job done.

Also on the show, Liberal Labrador MP Yvonne Jones talks about her role in getting a deal done in her home province.


1 thought on “Hunger strike no more, Muskrat Falls deal brings jubilation and smoked arctic char

  1. Elizabeth Winters Rice says:

    Yvonne Jones forgot to mention that people in Labrador had been protesting and asking for assistance from provincial MHAs and from her as our MP with regard to Muskrat Falls over a long period of time, she did not respond, neither did our MHA s. There were many many protests on this topic, there was a recent protest walk to her office here in Labrador, I was there , these three young hunger strikers spoke at this walk to those who attended , still there was no response , so they decided to go to Ottawa in hopes of being heard , there was a protest there as well in Ottawa, while they were there in Ottawa a group of 50 protestors breached the Muskrat Falls site , they ended up putting a stop to this mega project in doing so, they were lobbying for political representatives to listen to their voices of concern over the project and begged them to listen to these strikers and to the people of Labrador. It was only after this story made it public and only after they went to Ottawa did she make any attempt to listen, once it made national level media, she rose to claim an active role..up to the point prior to their trip to Ottawa , concerns were met to Yvonne Jones deaf ears.

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