Human rights complaint seeks Ontario school ban on clothing depicting Indigenous stereotypes

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5 thoughts on “Human rights complaint seeks Ontario school ban on clothing depicting Indigenous stereotypes

  1. The only insult here is these parents insulting the intelligence of their child by telling her she should be offended by a team logo/name used as a compliment, I garantee this little girl has no problems with the teams name/logo. It’s people like this that create race problems where there aren’t any, they are the real racists, the ones that race bait at every opportunity, they turn people against them by creating problems (and expenses) for others, this issue alone will give them a reputation as being overly easily offended, it could even open them up to ridicule(from other teams especially, since kids love to insult opponents mid-game) for being so sensitive/feminine that they couldn’t handle the masculinity their team logo/name implied.

  2. Considering that these logo’s are meant to make a team look good, even heroic, there will be serious difficulty demonstrating that the logo’s are insulting or racist.

    Sports teams do not routinely insult themselves, after all. Like most corperations, they try to say “we are good / heroic people, see our cool logo ? “

  3. People find names for teams that illustrate traits they want to emulate or portray. Clearly there is something about the archetype of aboriginal warrior that resounds with some of these traits. How invested in victim hood are you that you take a compliment and turn it into a ‘racial slur’ and human rights issue. There are REAL human rights issues going on in this country and around the world. When these non issues are raised as a priority over real abuses it makes me sad that we are bypassing equality and freedom for a dystopian future that sits closer to fascism than freedom.

    1. You couldn’t be more right.
      So much time and energy wasted on an issue like this, where they claim to be concerned for their daughter feeling insulted for something she doesn’t feel offended by without them telling her she needs to be (I bet she still doesn’t understand the fuss they’re making from nothing).
      How is this little girl going to mentally handle life’s struggles if her parents go to such lengths to shield her from everything that she could possibly (but only if she tries really hard) be offended by?
      Life is offensive, they better start to harden this little girl against it at least a little before she has a complete breakdown when she discovers life gets very offensive at times, and people can be extremely good at causing real offense and hatred instead of complimentary such as this teams logo actually is.

  4. I do not understand why the Toronto Dominion Bank would sponsor such a team in Copper Cliff. To me, the team name seems offensive on the basis of race. A complaint may be made under the Canadian Human Rights Commission against the T D Bank.

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