Horgan won’t commit to abolishing fish farms on trip to northern B.C.

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8 thoughts on “Horgan won’t commit to abolishing fish farms on trip to northern B.C.

  1. This is clearly about a rights and title test, not anything about “environmental impact”. Let’s just be honest about what this is really about. There was a chum salmon opening in Ernest Alfred’s front yard on October 2. So to say “we don’t have fish” is either ignorant or just a ‘roll off the tongue’ lie.

    1. You are showing your ignorance. You are concerned with semantics? What Ernest Alfred said relates to indigenous rights to “food fish.” Stocks are so low now that the are no stocks for the indigenous food fishery.

    2. How sad can One human being be.. You use one of the last Salmon species fish that hasn’t collapsed YET, and stuff it in the faces of People who are trying by what ever means possible with NO Lobby money to SAVE our British Columbia Ecology. Have you not understood that Salmon farms ALL over the world Have destroyed every Wild Salmon Population they exist in TO DATE. Are you that evil or are you that stupid, to have written such Madd deplorable words.

    3. yes jenny lets talk about who has been honest with who over the years. who has put who in what situation. who is struggling and who isn,t struggling. at the end of the day, we all know its about money. but at who,s expense. pretty big can to open up, when it comes to honesty

    4. Silly — read the actual scientific studies; it’s having a huge environmental impact, and in case you weren’t aware, it is our inherent right, responsibility, obligation AND duty to protect our lands and waters, so why are you trying to make that sound like a bad thing?

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