Homeless man found frozen to death in Winnipeg

APTN National News
A man found on Wednesday morning in a cold Winnipeg alleyway has died.

His friends say he froze to death.

Community organizations say it wouldn’t have happened if there was more support for the homeless and disadvantaged.

APTN’s Shaneen Robinson reports.

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3 thoughts on “Homeless man found frozen to death in Winnipeg

  1. Why can’t old buildings and all those Churches out there be at least an available Warm place to sleep??!! No one, and I mean no Person should have to freeze and suffer to a frozen death or starvation! Just because they are homeless, penny-less or jobless. And stop judging these people! Too much of this!

  2. This was such a sad story to hear about. Homelessness is such a huge problem, and for some reason its so easy for folks to ignore their plight or see them as a human being. “Drunks, bums, addicts” other derogatory terms that they are labeled as, but never as what they truly are: a human being without a home. A person who has family out there who care about them even though their paths in life have taken them so far apart.

    The woman interviewed in this segment, Cherilyn, is my first cousin. I grew up with her in Red Lake, she was my only friend at times.

    I have not seen her since the late 90s. I knew she was homeless and in Winnipeg and always wondered how to get a hold of her. I am so relieved she has a place to stay. I’ll be getting in contact with her soon when I am in the city in January.

    I love you, Cheri.
    And my condolences to the friends and family of the man found frozen.

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