Second suspect charged in Alberta hockey tournament assault

Both men are due to appear in court Oct. 9.


ridge police say they’ve charged a second man in connection with an incident where a referee and coach were assaulted over the weekend during a youth hockey tournament.

In a statement on its website, the Alberta police service said Todd William Cross Child, 36, of Lethbridge is charged with two counts of assault.

Police say they’ve also charged Robert Farrell Creighton, 55, of Standoff, Alta., with one count of assault.

Both men are due to appear in court Oct. 9.

The incident, which was caught on cellphone video, happened Sept. 8 at the Crossings Ice Centre.

Police said a 10-year-old male player was involved in “a verbal altercation with a ref which escalated to the youth striking the ref twice with his stick and the ref pushing him to the ice.”

At that point, police said a group of adults, including coaches and a relative of the 10-year-old player, came onto the ice. A coach from the opposing team was shoved to the ground and the ref was punched multiple times before the altercation was broken up.

The 10-year-old boy was examined by emergency responders and was not injured. The ref and coach both sustained non-life-threatening injuries.


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