Grassy Narrows First Nation members demand relief after decades of contamination

New report finds Grassy Narrows’ river systems highly contaminated with mercury.

Delaney Windigo
APTN National News
At a press conference held in Toronto on Tuesday, the people of Grassy Narrows First Nation, ON demanded a clean-up of the mercury contamination in its river system.

This comes after a new report found the Wabigoon River is still highly contaminated, decades after pulp mill effluent was dumped.

When questioned Monday in the Legislature, Premiere Kathleen Wynne said she hasn’t read the report, which was funded by her government.

For years, band members have held rallies in Queens Park, asking the province to step-up.

Now, in light of the new report and Premiere Wynne’s pledge for reconciliation, the community hopes the government will start taking action.

Delaney Windigo
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