Grassroots unease growing over Harper government’s First Nation education bill

Vicki Monague drove six hours from her home community of Beausoleil First Nation to Ottawa in hopes of confronting Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo over his support for the Harper government’s proposed First Nation education bill to govern reserve schools.

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5 thoughts on “Grassroots unease growing over Harper government’s First Nation education bill

  1. The continued ignorance and genocidal policies exhibited by successive governments in Canada’s parliament since it was formed is unacceptable in any way shape or form but the ego’s and fear that guide these policies persists to this day. Hard to hold your head up as aCaadian and face the world until this ceases forever.

  2. The Canadian Government forcibly took the children from this continents Indigenous Nations, and gave them to those who beat them if they used their language, or practice their religions, or their customs. Canada watched these children die in pledge numbers with indifference. Canadians sodomized and rape them with immunity. Canadians subjected there innocent bodies to electric shock, just to watch their legs spasm. Canadians made them eat their own vomit. Canada moved them from their traditional lands to expand its land clams. Weigh these facts against world history, what civilized country would do such things? These crimes were by their nature a cultural and human Genocide as defined by OSAPG 1948, their denial a Hate Crime.

    Canada is a vast wealthy country, with the resources to provide equal opportunities
    for all its citizens. Prior to our 100th anniversary we accepted Indigenous Peoples as full persons under the law! Perhaps we could provide equal opportunity to health, safety and education prior to our 150th anniversary.

  3. Not worth it, your sensor board is hard at work! Shame on you people and your selfish ways!

  4. So they want to stay back in education, teaching a language that is useless in the modern world and give your Children nothing for their future! Endless whining from under educated Leaders besotted with greed for Money to keep their lifestyle!

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