FSIN denounces ‘hate speech’ in TikTok video after James Smith Cree murders

Provincial emergency alerts have families, communities on edge.


The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) is calling for an investigation into a video posted on TikTok for spreading hate speech just a day after two men attacked and killed 10 people on James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan.

“If you won’t say it I will, long live Gerald Stanley,” the man in the video said. “Shoot, shovel, shut up.”

The video by user, NRZIGS, has more than 800 likes and 200 comments at the time of this posting.

Stanley is the Saskatchewan man who killed Colten Boushie on his farm near Biggar, Sask., in 2016. Boushie was from Red Pheasant Cree Nation. Stanley was later acquitted.

It’s not clear who the owner of the account is. There are three other videos posted to the account, one that shows a silver pick up truck adorned with Canadian flags – the other showing a sign that says, “Protected by F@*K AND FIND OUT Surveillance.”

The FSIN said the video is spreading hatred and is a threat to all Indigenous people.

“So many of our First Nations families, allies and Canadians have stood in solidarity with us during this past day and a half. We appreciate your prayers and condolences on the horrific events that have unravelled and ask for your assistance,” wrote the FSIN.

“Racism and promoting hate speech on social media is a criminal act and won’t be tolerated. Please be advised that FSIN is calling for NRZIGS to be charged with hate speech and his employer, Ellard Farms will be contacted.”

On social media, some denounced the video.

“This was posted today after the tragedy that occurred on the James Smith First Nation. A locals response to one of the most horrific events in our history,” wrote Andre Bear on Twitter. “Even when we are mourning mass killings, the racism of this country continues to put us in danger.”

The events in James Smith Cree Nation, nearby Weldon have shaken the province and country.

On Sept. 5, Myles Sanderson and his brother Damien went on a rampage that ended with 10 people dead and another 15 injured.

Damien Sanderson, 31, was found dead in the community on Monday while his brother is still at large and believed to be injured.

“On behalf of all those affected, we are pleading to all of the people of Saskatchewan to share any relevant information you may have,” said FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron. “Someone out there knows something.  We beg you to come forward for the sake of the families and communities and share that information with the authorities.

“Every time a new alert is broadcast across the provincial emergency alert system, the families and communities are holding their breaths for fear of new fatalities or injuries.”

The FSIN also announced a media conference had been planned for Thursday, although a time had not been set.

A meeting at the James Smith Cree Nation band office on Monday ended with citizens of the nation encouraged to not speak to reporters who have descended on the community.

The mood in the community remained somber on Tuesday as the search continued. At one point, an alert was sent out by police asking that people in the nation shelter in place after a report came in that Sanderson was spotted in the community.

Several gatherings and fires could be seen at homes around James Smith First Nation, as families mourn.


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