Foster family cuts Indigenous boy's hair

A Mi’kmaq mother in Prince Edward Island says she was devastated when she first had a chance to visit her children in foster care.

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A Mi’kmaq mother in Prince Edward Island says she was devastated when she first had a chance to visit her children in foster care.

She says what happened to her children has violated her rights as a First Nation person.

APTN’s Ossie Michelin has this story.

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23 thoughts on “Foster family cuts Indigenous boy's hair

  1. I am not native, but my hair was very important to me and when I was seven my grandmother cut all my hair off. I cried that I at least wanted so my daddy could makea necklace from the hair, alas they cut it into three or four inch sections. This is a terrible thing for this child to suffer with.

  2. How is cutting the child’s hair a violation of HER rights? If anything, it would be the rights of the child that was violated.

  3. Foster strangers do the same thing in NH. They cut the childrens hair and pierce the childs ears without permission. When complaints are made to DCYF, the caseworkers response, “So they made a mistake.” No repercussions. Nothing. What about the parents who made a mistake and lost their children and lost their children because of it? Do they get a free pass? Of course not! Foster strangers are the “Chosen” and they have more rights than biological families.

  4. What I would be outraged at is that they took her children away just because she was protesting. That is what she should be fighting for. I know they shouldn’t have cut their hair but she needs to worry about getting her kid back before it is too late.

  5. Social workers will stoop to any low to assault a parents right to parent their child all in the chase of stroke of ego and padding of their bank accounts these types of people are a pure shame to our society as a whole.

  6. Childrens Service are nothing more than legal kidnappers who just want to make the parent look bad at all costs of not being able to parent ….

  7. Foster “parents” NEED to undergo psychological testing. Further, each foster “parent” needs to take a course in cultural awareness and another in anger management and a third in empathy training. Each course must be retaken every six months and have a 100%, to obtain and maintain a foster licence.

  8. And I’m sure she never did anything to violate those kids in the first place to have them end up in foster care.

  9. This is so disturbing,when I was in a foster home when I was young,I seen my foster parents mistreat aboriginal children that came into there care.I cried because I was treated the same way.This is not right.We are just like you.We all bleed the same.

  10. I’m not aboriginal, but I feel this mother’s pain. I’m separated from the father of my children, and on a visit, he took it upon himself to take our child for their first hair cut. I was devastated, and I only missed out on being part of that “first” and didn’t get a chance to get pictures, and I liked how he looked with his long, whispy baby hair….

  11. control control of who is in power keeps going and going and the native people are the ones getting trampled in law and greed and rights and so on and on. but what happens? NOthing nothing as no one hears our cries! Genocide continues in 2013!

  12. This is so sad…I question if the foster parents should have children in their care? I don’t think they should .. I hope the children have been removed from their care and a full investigation is necessary… my heart and support goes out to the mother. She deserves answers… no one had the right to cut the children’s hair without the permission of the mother.. It’s not only makes me sad/ it also makes me angry..

    1. I wouldn’t tll anyone I fostered or family fostered. CPS is under Investigation for child trafficking when the audit is in the system WILL BE shut down. But People already crenge at the word some even puke. So I would reframe from claiming to ba a foster or having family that foster YOUSAY foster we all hear trafficker

  13. what about the rights of the children…….if they are being cared for properly they wouldn’t be in foster care to begin with…..but having said that, foster parents should consult with the worker to see if this is allowed or not.

  14. I have a real problem with this. A personal distaste because my daughter, who had microcephaly (small head size due to medical condition) had her hair repeatedly cut off by foster persons which accentuated the difference in appearance. Retaliation for bringing forward concerns over quality of care resulted in being subjected to this. Our eldest son, no more than 11 at the time, addressed the foster man on his own pleading, “Please don’t cut our sister’s hair like that. She looks really bad.” (They continued to do so.)

    To cut a child’s hair contrary to religion, culture or to accentuate a medical condition whether it is out of spite, ignorance or cruelty is disgusting. – VM

  15. This is heartbreaking. I would never in my wildest dream to think of cutting a foster child’s hair, specially if he was a First Nation child. This mother has every right to be upset.

  16. Just cause we first nations doesn’t give anyone to do this poor kids went through child welfare my self and they took my kids from me but I got them back cause it was all lies

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