Former gang member’s wife gunned down in East Vancouver

It was just after 5 pm on May 23 when six shots were fired in a residential neighborhood in Vancouver.
The victim, Janice Nicole Bryant, 33, was out walking with her husband.

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8 thoughts on “Former gang member’s wife gunned down in East Vancouver

  1. I live four blocks from the murder scene at China Creek Park, 3km from downtown Vancouver. I got off my bus from work 3 blocks away and less than 30min after the shooting. I was shocked that my neighbourhood had been the scene of such an attack. I wondered if anyone I knew was now dead or injured. CBC didn’t report the name of the victim so I contacted the reporter to ask–no answer. Then CKNW published a name. I didn’t know her but APTN bothered to find out more.

    Ms Bryant’s death may well be related to #IMMIWG. The Vancouver Sun reported that her daughter, a hockey player, competes for BC in the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships. The inquiry’s scope of finding ways to prevent violence will look into gang membership as a factor in these murders. The inquiry will hear from families whose daughters were murdered OR have gone missing.

  2. I was a former classmate from Elementary school and this news shocked me. My heart goes out to all of Janice Nicole’s Family and friends. My thoughts are with all of the people that she knew.

  3. It’s incredibly sad to learn of Janice’s death via an online article. I knew her, not well, but I knew her.

    My prayers go out to her mother and child, as well as her siblings and friends.

    1. I was shocked to hear about Janice’s death and my condolences are with her family.

  4. Rest in peace sister from another mother ❤️ I will always cherish the fun we had growing up ❤️

  5. No approving of the insensitive wording of this article. How would you feel if she was your sister, daughter, or friend reading this. The spin of the wording is disgraceful. What about another beautiful soul lost to join the thousands of #mmiw as the inquiry falls apart. No justice there. Aptn I support you, but not how this story was written.

    1. Goot, how do you find this article insensitive? It is just stating the fact of the matters as they happened. Perhaps you are too sensitive.

    2. This has NOTHING to do with MMIW. It has to do with gangs, drugs, warfare, and all the rest of the crap gangs are associated with. Lets leave race out of this and call it what it is. It was a gang targeted act of violence directed toward a gang member and someone outside of that gang was killed. Its what happens when you run with gangs. Its not unpredictable. Its likely. And it has NOTHING to do with race.

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