Flood Warning

Meagan Fiddler, aptn National News

It’s still January but flood experts are already looking towards the spring. And they say Manitoba should prepare for the worst. Talk of water levels being higher than flood of the century levels are feared.

And officials say for the first time, nearly the entire province is at risk of flooding.

Philip Mutulu is with Manitoba’s Water Stewardship.

“the amount of additional snow and rain plus the timing and rate of the spring thaw and timing of the peak flows in Manitoba as well as other states and provinces will have a significant effect on the flood potential in the province.”

The province is planning to spend 22-million dollars on flood fighting equipment and what it calls other prepatory work.

History of Flooding;

In 2009, despite having a ring dike around the community, nearly 700 members of the Roseau River First Nation were forced to flee because of flooding.

This spring could see flood levels higher than that and Steve Ashton, the Minister for Emergency Measures says the province will be prepared for the worst.

“so even with significant flood protection, depending on the flood circumstance, you can still see evacuations primarily for emergency purposes.”

Last year, 200 people from the Peguis First Nations were forced out of the community.  Many of their homes were
ruined. Negotiations with Indian Affairs for short and long term fixes have been slow.

In December, Peguis Chief Glenn Hudson said the community was already preparing for flooding.

“certainly i know with the amount of snowfall and moisture in the ground that we are going to have more flooding than in the past and we need to deal with that.

In 1997, the Canadian Armed Forces were called in to help evacuate communities and build dikes to protect homes and property.

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