Five servicemen involved in incident at Indigenous ceremony on Canada Day

The Canadian Press
A military spokesperson says five men who appear in a filmed confrontation at an Indigenous ceremony in Halifax are members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The incident took place at a spiritual event honouring the suffering of Indigenous Peoples on Canada Day.

The video shows five men clad in black and yellow shirts — one carrying a Red Ensign flag bearing the Union Jack in the corner — interacting with spectators at the ceremony.

In the video, one of the spectators appears to be holding an upside-down Canadian flag, leading to an exchange about the country’s history.

National Defence spokesman Daniel LeBouthillier has confirmed that five Forces members are involved in the incident, at least two of whom belong to the Navy.

Commanders of the Canadian Army and Navy released a joint statement Monday saying that the chain of command “takes action” when it learns that a member’s conduct is not in keeping with military code.

Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd and Lt.-Gen. Paul Wynnyk said in a Facebook post that leadership’s actions will not be shared on social media unless it required.

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9 thoughts on “Five servicemen involved in incident at Indigenous ceremony on Canada Day

  1. A flag UPSIDE DOWN is a distress signal and all those who swear loyalty to that flag are to come to their AID. Telling people who are DISRESPECTING the Canadian flag is DISRESPECTING all those who serve under it. So I don’t know why people think they have the right to do that, and my Algonquin brothers should not have done that. This is like Algonquins flying the Mohawk warrior flag. When Mohawks are Iroquois and were enemies to the Ottawa and Huron. Everyone wants to rewrite history. Well there are Natives in the Military who know that you dont fly a flag upside down. If a group thinks they can become anti Canada, they become an enemy and if they take action they become a terrorist. So do we have Natives that want to be Terrorists now? If it was a spiritual event that Canadian Flag should not have been flown upside down, THAT IS POLITICAL and those boys were right to confront them. Any military charge will be summary and they will be reminded to walk away, but they are correct to DEFEND this country, from enemies foreign and domestic. The first nations do not get to keep saying their land was stolen, or anything else. They are protected in the Charter as NOT Being Canadian citizens and have special rights. Those boys swore to defend this country, did the rest of you forget this?

  2. According to Facebook They are part of a group that honours Cornwallis and says so on their page. An enemy to my acadian and my First Nations cousins. Why are we responsible for educating these people? The acadians may have been conquered via population swarming and power struggles, but according to Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1763 my other ancestors were not.

    1. This is lower can canadian military can go..Is this whats attracts people to join the military with this motorcycle gang bullies mentality?

  3. Agree with comments that since this incident was reported on social media, we deserve to read how discipline was carried out on the same forum. I find it distressing that some serving in our armed forces, have so little respect for the rights of assembly and free speech accorded to all Canadian citizens, including our indigenous peoples.

  4. Their actions were disgraceful and went well beyond “conduct unbecoming a member of our military”. I find it appalling that they carried the Red Ensign as their banner. Many men and women, of all colours and creeds (including black and indigenous people) fought and died under the Red Ensign so that Canadians like Grizzly Mamma would have basic civil liberties including: freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of peaceful assembly. Each of these rights is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and each is a part of the right we all have to dissent. Causing a confrontation at a spiritual event protesting the suffering of Canada’s indigenous people violated those rights and was dishonourable and disrespectful not only to our indigenous people, but to the men and women of our military who died protecting those rights. All of them deserve a dishonourable discharge, what an embarrassment to our military.

  5. They need to no longer be in Canada’s military. This behavior of theirs is dishonorable.

  6. This video is showing so much ignorance on both sides… what a shame.

    1. Morons, this is why there will never be an agreement. Neither of these young people on each side have a clue about the history.

  7. I think the leadership action is REQUIRED to be posted on social media. The crime was – so should the justice meted out.

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