Six candidates running for the riding of Kenora in Ontario

Editor’s Note: In the original story, five candidates were reported when in fact there were six.

Jolene Banning
Six candidates are taking a run at the job of representing the riding of Kenora in Ottawa.

It’s one of the largest by land mass, smallest by population, covers that vast majority of Ontario, and has more boil water advisories than any other riding in Canada.

Throwing her name into the hat is Green Party candidate Kirsi Ralko.

“Here in urban Kenora particularly people are concerned about what we’re seeing with addictions downtown,” she said.

“Part and parcel to that is homelessness that comes along with it.”

Ralko was born and raised in Thunder Bay but has called Kenora home for the past four years.

She currently sits on city council and is hoping to unseat Liberal incumbent and former Indian Affairs minister Bob Nault.

Nault did not make himself available for this story despite repeated requests.

The NDP candidate is Rudy Turtle, chief of the Grassy Narrows First Nation.

“The Kenora issues are housing, infrastructure and dealing with the homelessness,” he said.

“It’s a real big thing in our area.”

Turtle said if elected, he plans to address those concerns.

“To make our voice heard more than it is now to really push our issues in the riding to the forefront,” he said.

Many Grassy Narrows residents suffer from mercury poisoning.

A treatment care facility was promised by the Liberal government.

It was rejected by the community because the “proposal put forward wasn’t good enough,” according to Turtle.

Kenora resident Mitchelle Prenette has been following the candidates but is still undecided on who to vote for.

“For Millenials like myself to be able to thrive in the economy is a huge issue,” said Prenette.

Housing, addictions, and clean drinking water are also on the mind of voters like Michael King.

“We had a boil advisory last night. We all got to experience what that’s like and it’s a nightmare. It sucks. I’d love to see someone address that,” said King.

Barbara Pahpasay-Skeed from Grassy Narrows said she’ll look at past party records before voting.

“What have they done for Canada? what have they done to bring prosperity to the small communities and the reserves, the community like my reserve,” she said.

The Conservative party candidate Eric Melillo did not make himself available for an interview.

Michael Di Pasquale is running for the People’s Party of Canada.

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